12 Best Hair Cream For Men For Better Styling in 2024


Do you need to regain control of dry, lifeless, curly, or coarse hair? Is your hair lacking in luster, definition, and volume? The good news is with the right hair cream for men, you can make those bad hair days a thing of the past. 

The best hair cream for men is suited for casual cuts, so those with high-maintenance styles like Mohawks, quiffs, and pomps can stop scrolling. But, if you are looking for a laid-back haircut (or already have one), this styling product is your new best friend. 

The best hair creams for men offer a light hold and are the perfect product for those who want a natural hairstyle with soft-to-the-touch movement. And luckily, our team can help take the stress out of taming those tresses.

When it comes to caring for your hair, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of hair creams for men available. For this reason, we’ve done all the hard work and research for you, so you can spend your time looking good.

Read on and discover the 10 best hair creams for men to get your hair from dull to wonderful.

Kick Active Hair Styling Cream is a real game-changer if you’re on the hunt to find the best hair cream for men offering all-day hold and textured style.

This versatile hair styling cream for men is an all-rounder with a semi-matte and light sheen finish that suits all hair types and lengths, especially for those with dry or damaged lengths.

The paraben-free formula is flake-free and non-greasy – ideal for everyday wear. Thanks to the anti-stiffness, flake-free formula that leaves the hair pliable, you can easily re-shape your hair to transition from desk to dinner.

Better yet, the effects aren’t just superficial. Enjoy thicker, fuller-looking hair long-term as a powerhouse blend of argan oil, camellia flower, aloe vera, and coconut oil get to work conditioning strands for stronger locks and a flake-free scalp.

Finish: Semi-Matte | Size: 2oz | Hair Type: Dry, Damaged Hair | Hold: Medium 

Hair says a lot about a man, and frizzy hair doesn’t make a good first impression. Fight the frizz with Victory Dry Grooming Cream.

This hair cream for men is a true contender for anyone struggling with static hair and flyaways. The secret to this product’s smoothing power? Baobab oil. One of the only natural oils that contains Omega 3, 6, and 9, this unique ingredient penetrates deep into the hair shaft. Not only does it give a smooth result, but it also nourishes.

Victory set out to make a hair cream for men that is easy to apply on wet, damp, or dry hair. For ultimate taming power, apply to wet hair before blow-drying. When you’re looking for a soft, natural finish, work through damp hair with your fingers. Or, for a subtly-separated style, apply to dry hair.

Finish: Matte | Size: 4.5oz | Hair Type: Frizzy Hair | Hold: Light 

Curls are one of the sexiest modern hairstyles for men but also the highest maintenance. To tame curls without sacrificing volume and bounce, you need a lightweight product that won’t weigh them down.

With an air-light, water-based formula, Woody’s styling cream is one of the best hair creams for men with tousled tresses. Palmetto, ginger, rosemary, and hemp seed oil fortify hair fibers, making hair more resistant to environmental damage while looking healthy and shiny.

Woody’s styling cream will work on wet and dry hair, and if your curls have a life of their own, apply the product before drying and comb through with fingers for extra hold.

Finish: Shine | Size: 3.4oz | Hair Type: Curly, Dry | Hold: Light to Medium

Moroccanoil is a cult brand you’ve likely heard of, but did you know their range of high-end hair products is unisex? And they even extend to styling creams.

Moroccanoil Molding Cream contains the brand’s signature ingredient, Argan oil. This key ingredient is a natural UV protector and antioxidant that helps cell structure renewal inside the hair follicles. From the outside, even damaged hair will appear full of life.

This premium hair cream is perfect for adding semi-matte texture and separation to layered haircuts. To add a natural-looking structure to your trim, warm a little molding cream in clean hands and work through dry or wet hair, avoiding the roots.

Elevate your style by taking some extra product and applying it to pulled-out end pieces.

Finish: Semi-Matte | Size: 3.4oz | Hair Type: Curly, Dry | Hold: Light to Medium

Crew cuts, French crops, and choppy layers are all short haircuts that look best when styled with hair cream. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shaping cream is perfect for men who want their hair to hold its shape while still looking natural.

The formula is semi-matte and offers medium hold, leaving hair flexible and supple rather than stiff and greasy. This makes it ideal for shorter, more relaxed hairstyles.

Yet, one of the stand-out features of this product is its invigorating botanical scent which comes courtesy of its key ingredient, you guessed it; tea tree oil. Tea tree oil offers a fantastic aroma, but it also helps prevent dandruff and balances scalp pH.

Finish: Semi-Matte | Size: 3oz | Hair Type: All Short Hair Types, Dry | Hold: Medium

Managing your mane can be a battle, but only if you haven’t perfected a hair care routine tailored to you. Longer locks require more maintenance than shorter haircuts, and hair cream for men is the perfect product to apply pre-styling for enhanced volume, shape, and texture.

Billy Jealousy Hair Molding Cream is particularly suited to medium-length and long hair. Its creamy, thick consistency and stronghold can set even the waviest of hair types. Non-tacky and with a matte finish, the formula will allow you to tweak and reshape your style throughout the whole day to keep it polished.

The scent also deserves an honorable mention. Notes of orange, patchouli and sandalwood will leave an attractive masculine aroma in your wake.

Finish: Matte | Size: 3oz | Hair Type: Medium to Long Hair, Dry | Hold: Strong

This hair cream for men suits the modern gentleman who values luxurious products and strives to achieve a sophisticated look. Oribe Crème for Style provides a shiny, glossy finish and will boost volume while delivering an all-day-long natural hold. 

Their rich blend of ingredients provides UV filtering, heat protection, and deep conditioning that minimizes, if not eliminates, the appearance of frizz.

While firmly planted in the luxury hair product territory, the product is a good investment. All it takes is a quarter-sized dollop for even the thickest hair.

This adaptable hair cream for men works on all hair types, from straight, curly, short, and long.

Finish: Shiny | Size: 5oz | Hair Type: All Hair Types | Hold: Medium

For many guys, the feeling of sticky hair full of product that seems impossible to rinse out is a put-off when it comes to regular styling. Reuzel Grooming Cream proves this needn’t be the case.

This affordable hair cream for men provides a pliable hold and subtle shine finish. It gives hair a thick, full, and separated appearance without product buildup. The water-soluble formulation means the cream rinses out easily, leaving hair moisturized – not sticky.

Reuzel is also well-known for its moisturizing T-4 Tonic Blend. The blend combines natural astringent Witch Hazel extract, thickening nettle leaf extract, moisturizing rosemary extract, strengthening horsetail root extract, and castor oil for manageability.

The ingredients list may be botanical, but the scent is a rebellious sugar rum fragrance.

Finish: Low Shine | Size: 3.38oz | Hair Type: All Hair Types | Hold: Light

The effects of hair cream for men are impressive but more subtle than pomade, so you really can’t go wrong. For this reason, hair cream is ideal for guys new to the world of hairstyling, especially if the formula is lightweight and offers a natural finish.

New York brand Malin + Goetz applied their less is more philosophy to their simple-to-use Sage Styling Cream. A natural recipe containing panthenol, sweet almond oil, sage, chamomile oil, shea butter, and other fatty acids offers nourishment while giving volume and definition. 

Its application couldn’t be more straightforward. Wash your hair and brush the cream through the lengths using your fingers while it is wet or after it has dried. Then, style as usual.

Finish: Shine | Size: 4oz | Hair Type: All Hair Types | Hold: Light

To elevate your hairstyle from disheveled to dashing, you can use a medium-shine holding cream to minimize frizz and give a sleek definition.

Any best hair styling cream for men list wouldn’t be complete without American Crew. A brand with over 25 years of experience in developing quality grooming products, American Crew Forming Cream doesn’t disappoint.

For best results, wash your hair and then towel dry. Use a comb to brush the cream through the lengths and allow the hair to dry naturally. You can even combine the forming cream with your favorite pomade for a boosted hold that’s easier to distribute through the hair than pomade alone.

Finish: Medium Shine | Size: 3oz | Hair Type: Short and Medium Length Hair | Hold: Medium 

What to Look for When Looking For The Best Hair Cream for Men

Hair type

As with all hair products, hair type should play a big part in choosing the best hair cream for men. For example, barber and education manager at Ruby’s Barbershop, Jen Bennett, explains, “the coarser and curlier the hair texture, the more moisture it needs.” 

So men with curly locks will need a rich cream with ingredients that offer deeper conditioning. On the flip side, guys with oily hair should check out lightweight formulas that offer a non-greasy hold.

Keep in mind that hair length also has an effect. Hair creams specially formulated for long hair will most likely be too heavy for short hair and weigh the strands down, minimizing volume.

Hold (strong, medium, etc.) 

Some hairstyles require more hold to fix in place than others. A slick back or comb-over will do better with a medium to high-hold hair cream for men. Whereas, if you have choppy layers or curls you want to add definition to, a light hold cream will tick the boxes.

Also, are you trying out hair cream for the first time, or are you new to styling products? Then opt for a light hold first until you get used to shaping your hair. A light hold product is easier to brush out and rework while experimenting with your style.

Finish (matte, shiny, etc.) 

The finish of any hair cream for men is important as it greatly impacts the vibe your finished style gives off. A high shine or gloss finish is classy and dapper, elevating classic gentleman styles such as comb-overs, side sweeps, and slick backs.

A matte or semi-matte finish will add a subtle, natural-looking texture, giving a more relaxed, laidback impression. Matte finish products are great for French crops, textured layers, messy curls, and surfer hairstyles.


    • Hair cream for men is a moisturizing styling product. Hair cream leaves the hair looking frizz and flyaway-free, yet natural. It also provides a lightweight, pliable hold giving greater flexibility than wax and gel, and it’s easier to use than paste, clay, or pomade. Better yet, it doesn’t damage the hair.

      • As with all hair styling products, remember less is more. Experienced hairstylist Bradley Smith warns, “excessive use of styling products can contribute to product build-up.” He suggests, “style with a coin-size amount of product, distributing through your hair evenly avoiding clubbed ends and that greasy look.”

        Depending on your choice of hair cream for men, you can use the product on dry or towel-dried hair. Take a little cream in your palms, rub to emulsify, run through the hair evenly, and style as usual.

        • As with any styling product, your hair’s texture and length will affect which hair styling cream for men is the most suitable to choose. Many different brands on the market offer formulas for men with curly, straight, long, or short hair.


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