25 Regret-Free Buys I’m Snagging From Shopbop’s Surprise Sale


Shobop model wearing a Staud tube top and jeans from their spring sale

Surprise! Shopbop just launched a last-minute sale, and before I could think twice, I stopped what I was doing to trawl every last inch of the site. Whenever I see something I want to buy, I usually save it to a Pinterest board but thanks to Shopbop’s handy Hearts feature, it’s even easier to earmark potential new buys. It’s probably one of my favorite shopping features and as you can imagine, I’ve racked up a healthy list of saved items. Pretty much if I like it, I save it. So as soon as I caught wind that the retailer was running a spring sale, I didn’t hesitate before diving into my saved folder and transferring all the best items over to my cart.

Now that it’s spring is actually manifest and not just a figment of my imagination, I’m in the mood to shop. A lot. The next few months on my calendar are filled with the bachelorette trips, birthdays, and more, and with my summer travel plans coming into focus, there are plenty of spring dresses, fresh sandals, and swimwear I’m looking to add to my closet, and I plan on capitalizing on Shopbop’s sale to do so.


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