3 Spring Outfits to Re-Create


Trends come and go, but the clog sandal is forever. Every spring, some variation of the wooden-sole clog makes its way back onto the scene. Fashion insiders saw them grace the runways at fashion week, and soon you’ll see them all over the streets. Dr. Scholl’s is celebrating 100 years of iconic fashion and innovative comfort, so we decided to pay homage to the Original Sandal that started it all the only way we know how. We tapped one of our favorite digital content creators and self-proclaimed fashion girly April Lockhart to create three 2024 looks inspired by Dr. Scholl’s vintage campaigns from the ’60s and ’70s.

Lockhart describes these looks as “chic but carefree and polished but raw,” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We’ve watched style icons from nearly every decade wear clogs effortlessly, and Lockhart is taking a page out of their books and reminding us why these iconic shoes are forever in style. “To me, clogs don’t really go out of style, but they definitely come around in strong trending waves,” she says. The 100 collection features the brand’s iconic buckle, classic rivets, and signature wood soles. Keep reading to see how Lockhart is styling them.

Dr. Scholl's

(Image credit: Supermodel Jean Shrimpton / Image provided by Dr. Scholl’s, @aprillockhart)

“Spring is when I start pulling out the all-white looks again. At first, when I saw this photo, I was like, ‘Am I ready for the slim jeans?’ But when I put them on with the Original Too Sandal, it just clicked. The beechwood heel is my favorite detail—it’s a great quality indicator. It also has an added layer of cushioning that is so, so comfy! I didn’t think you’d catch me in skinny jeans for another year or two, but I’m leaning in. The two bags intrigued me. I haven’t really done that as a fashion choice, but it’s a sick look. Plus, it’s functional. Bag ladies everywhere, celebrate! This look is great for work or meetings because it’s a bit more polished.” — April Lockhart, Digital Content Creator

Dr. Scholl's

“This look reminded me of an East Coast summer. It’s very preppy and a bit collegiate, and I loved pulling out my tennis skirt. I decided to switch up the look slightly with the Original Vibe Sandal in this rich honey-brown leather, which gave me a bit of height. (Yet the footbeds still offer unreal comfort.) I’d wear this to brunch with friends or to the boardwalk in the summer.” — Lockhart

Dr. Scholl's

“Overalls also never go out of style for me. They tap into my inner art-school girl. The white Original Sandals are iconic here—this might have been my favorite picture to gather inspo from. I paired it with a simple striped tee and a rainbow patchwork bag that’s actually vintage. It’s my own version of a paint palette. I’d wear this to the farmers market or just shopping around on a Saturday. I live for a low heel that’s comfortable and chic. I really can’t do heels anymore day to day, so Dr. Scholl’s sandals have quickly become a staple in my rotation.” — Lockhart



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