39 Fashion Finds To Consider For A Getaway To Havana, Cuba


model wears striped blue and white dress and is holding a raffia tote

(Image credit: H&M)

Now that we’ve entered warm-weather-filled days, the idea of taking a vacation seems more and more appealing. I don’t know about you, but my fellow WWW editors and I love an opportunity to explore new places. Next up, I’ll be traveling to the Caribbean to take on Cuba and its capital city Havana. In preparation for my trip, I’m looking to purchase some pieces to round out my vacation looks. Since I believe in sharing love, I’ve decided to clue you in on my tropical getaway shopping wishlist.

Ahead shop a curated selection of fashion finds I’m considering packing on my upcoming trip to Havana. Whether you’re in the market for some breezy linens, flowy skirts and dresses, versatile shoes, or even cool accessories, there’s something ahead for every kind of traveler. Keep scrolling to uncover my finds and get vacation-ready today. Happy shopping!


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