6 Best Banana Republic Colognes: Top Scent, Low Cost in 2024


Are you looking for a contemporary cologne that you don’t have to wait until payday to buy? Then, you’ll be pleased to know that the 6 best Banana Republic colognes punch well above their price point.

The Banana Republic fragrance line, launched in 1995, now boasts a collection of more than 48 different scents. The finest Banana Republic colognes are crafted by world-renowned perfumers such as Irina Burlakova and Vincent Kuczinski. Each cologne is masterfully created to match your mood, lifestyle, and budget.

I covet a bougie bottle of cologne like the next man, but I’m not a scent snob. Perfumes that aren’t designer, niche, or luxury are often pushed to the back of the medicine cabinet,  but trust me, inexpensive fragrances can be just as cool and sexy.

Yes, if you want a long-lasting fragrance to take you from dawn to dusk, you’ll have to splash out. But there is another option.

You can go for a less expensive cologne and reapply it liberally without stressing about how much you’re using. Plus, you won’t have to worry about when your favorite Banana Republic cologne will expire.

What’s more, choosing cologne versus perfume doesn’t mean you have to settle for lesser quality, and that’s precisely what you’ll find when you consider Banana Republic men’s cologne.

Scroll down to discover why the 6 best Banana Republic colognes give other fashion brands a run for their money! 

Key Takeaways

I approach each cologne quest with a proven plan of attack: dig into research, pore over reviews, and put the products to the test. Here, I gather together my fragrant findings to bring you a curated collection of the best Banana Republic colognes that you need.

Leading the charge is Banana Republic Modern Man. This soapy, clean scent is understatedly sexy and deserves a place in your scent stash. Close on its heels is Banana Republic Black Walnut, a cologne with a light price tag but deep notes. Spritz this smoky cedar fragrance when you want to harness the scent of attraction.

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Best Banana Republic colognes: Banana Republic Modern Man

Why it’s great: Modern Man is the perfect example of Banana Republic’s winning fragrance formula: lightweight and appealing to the male masses. Soapy musk, clean aquatics, and crisp citrus from the heart of this aromatic Banana Republic men’s cologne.

Modern Man takes my top spot since I can’t think of an occasion where it wouldn’t excel. If you love classic colognes like Azzaro Chrome and Versace Dylan Blue, I have a feeling you’re going to like this one.

Who is this for? The most useful cologne you can add to your collection is one that works for any occasion. Modern Man is that fragrance for me. It’s bright, fresh, and a no-brainer choice for laid-back lunches or a day at the office.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Modern man, like most aromatic colognes, is a subtle skin scent that hugs the body, so projection is mild.

Top Notes: Water notes, grapefruit, seaweed, juniper | Middle Notes: Cyclamen, tamarind | Base Notes: Musk, vetiver, incense, patchouli, birch | Type: Eau de Toilette

Banana Republic Black Walnut

Why it’s great: One of the best-loved fragrances in Banana Republic’s men’s cologne range, Black Walnut is a cult classic thanks to its sweet-smelling, smoky, warm notes. Better yet, getting in on the action will cost you less than 20 dollars, making Black Walnut the best Banana Republic cologne for budget-conscious guys.

Who is this for? Although most Banana Republic colognes feature lighter notes, Black Walnut cranks the intensity up a notch. Featuring cognac, tobacco, and smooth cedar, Black Walnut is the one to wear when temperatures drop and the sun goes down.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Black Walnut’s powdery finish may not appeal to guys who favor traditionally masculine scents.

Top Notes: Cognac | Middle Notes: Tobacco | Base Notes: Cedar | Type: Eau de Toilette

Banana Republic Oud Mosaic

Why it’s great: One criticism that Banana Republic men’s colognes occasionally face is that they can feel generic. The brand’s answer was to develop its Icon range, which aims to deliver unique, upscale scents to compete with the top designer colognes.

My favorite Icon fragrance is, without a doubt, Oud Mosaic. Featuring the holy trinity of Middle Eastern notes—rose, cardamom, and oud—this is a great beginner oud cologne for guys. Although, it’s the fruity plum element that has me coming back for more. Perfect for winter nights out when you want to get noticed.

Who is this for? Oud Mosaic is the Banana Republic Cologne for lovers of niche fragrances. Though it’s technically unisex, Oud Mosaic has a smoky and earthy finish that feels more masculine to me. In my opinion, oud takes a confident, alpha male to pull it off since it can be a polarizing note.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Oud is a unique and powerful scent that won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Top notes: Plum, cardamom, white pepper | Middle Notes: Turkish rose, saffron, labdanum | Base Notes: Oud, amber, musk | Type: Eau de Parfum

Banana Republic Slate

Why it’s great: Soft spices and aromatics combine in this OG Banana Republic men’s cologne. Slate was the first BR fragrance I tried almost 10 years ago, and the fact that I still keep a bottle in my rotation should say it all.

Classy yet youthful with a metallic green finish, Slate has been one of my go-to picks for the office for as long as I can remember. For me, Slate is a safe blind buy.

Who is this for? If you’re looking for a solid buy to wear to work, then Slate is a worthy choice that won’t offend noses. This Redditor sums up the vibe of this refreshing scent perfectly, “Slate is a nice fresh one. I feel like I get a nice grass and rain feeling from it.”

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best Banana Republic colognes. However, its light scent is best suited for spring and summer weather and it can struggle to perform in cooler temperatures.

Top Notes: Glacier water | Middle Notes: Silver sage | Base Notes: Ginger root | Type: Eau de Toilette

Banana Republic Classic

Why it’s great: Classic opens with a zingy citrus burst of bergamot, clementine, and grapefruit before settling into a soft, soothing scent. This unisex fragrance has a cozy, comforting feel that I never tire of. It’s clear to see why Classic has been an integral member of the Banana Republic cologne lineup for almost 30 years.

I’ve seen Classic available in both an Eau de Toilette and an Eau de Parfum. My advice is to seek out the latter. The blend is a little less sweet and feels more sophisticated.

Who is this for? If someone sprayed this and told me it was a Calvin Klein cologne, I would believe them. It shares the same crisp, clean, and effortlessly light DNA as some of my favorite men’s fragrances of all time.

Classic is one of the best Banana Republic colognes and a timeless choice for everyday errands, casual coffee, and weekend walks.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although Classic is an Eau de Parfum, its performance is more in line with an Eau de Toilette.

Top Notes: Bergamot, clementine, green notes, grapefruit | Middle Notes: Honeysuckle, syringa | Base Notes: Ginger, musk, wood notes | Type: Eau de Parfum

Banana Republic Cordovan

Why it’s great: This fragrance is one of the more manly olfactory offerings in this Banana Republic cologne lineup, making it a dynamite date-night choice. At the heart of Cordovan are nutmeg and juniper, which lend a cuddling-up-on-a-sofa kind of vibe.

It’s woody, aromatic, and inviting, so it works well at bedtime, too. It’s a cologne you’ll want to swipe right for.

Who is this for? If you’re a smart, suave, and successful 35+ man of the world, then you’ll find this gentleman’s club-type cologne also works well in an office environment come wintertime.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Cordovan has a subtle, sweet vibe, which may not be for everyone. It’s this, though, that separates it from generic scents. Putting this to one side, thanks to its leather and spice notes, it’s an EDT that you can happily wear in fall and winter.

Top Notes: Bergamot, lavender, iris | Middle Notes: Nutmeg, juniper | Base Notes: Leather, vetiver | Type: Eau de Toilette

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Buying Considerations for the Best Banana Republic Colognes


According to Web MD, citrus scents can help fight tiredness. Better yet, inhaling orange notes can improve mood and lower stress. It stands to reason, then, that uplifting citrus colognes are an excellent choice for everyday wear.

So, when you need a morning pick-me-up, reach for Banana Republic Classic and Modern Man. Both feature a zesty opening that will put a pep in your step.

When you’d rather stand out than blend in, you need notes that get people talking. And there’s no scent more attention-grabbing than oud, which takes center stage in Banana Republic’s Oud Mosaic. If you’re not brave enough to rock this controversial cologne, then dip a toe in the water of sultry scents with Black Walnut.


Banana Republic fragrances provide a subtle layer of scent rather than a cloying cloud of cologne. Although this makes them ideal for casual wear and occasions when you want to crowd-please, it does affect their longevity.

I experience about four hours of wear from my favorite BR scents before I need a top-up. If longevity is important to you, then your best Banana Republic colognes will be Oud Mosaic and Cordovan.

But don’t forget there are ways to make your cologne last longer. Remember that well-moisturized skin holds fragrance better. So, after you hop out of the shower, apply body lotion to your arms and chest.

When it comes time to spritz your scent, aim for pulse points like the wrists, inner elbows, and neck. These areas of the body run warm and will boost projection. Finally, don’t forget to spray your shirt.


Have you ever wondered why your fragrance can smell cloying in summer but somehow fade away faster? To learn how to pick the right fragrance for the occasion and season, it’s important to understand how temperature affects your cologne.

Heat from the weather or your body causes your cologne to evaporate, releasing its fragrance. And the more heat, the faster it evaporates and the more prominent its notes will be. That’s why your cologne can feel heavy in summer but not even touch the sides come winter.

When the sun is shining, it’s best to opt for crisp citrus, refreshing aquatics, and clean musk. These lighter notes won’t overwhelm you even as the heat projects your scent from your skin. This makes Modern Man, Slate, and Classic the most appropriate Banana Republic colognes for spring and summer.

When it’s cold outside, your cologne is going to have a hard time making itself known. You need to select scents with stronger, deeper notes, like tobacco, oud, amber, and wood. So, when fall and winter roll back around, spritz Black Walnut, Oud Mosaic, and Cordovan.

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How We Chose

If you’re not a cologne connoisseur who knows his notes from his accords, you may have a rough ride picking the perfect new fragrance. Luckily for you, I am a self-proclaimed scent buff and seasoned reviewer who knows how and where to hunt for the best product picks.

Here are the key criteria I prioritized in my pursuit of the best Banana Republic colognes.

Price: Is the fragrance a fair price for its quality and scent? The answer is a resounding hell yes. Every Banana Republic men’s cologne on this list all costs less than 40 dollars, making this brand one of the most accessible fragrance options for budget-aware bros.

Company Reputation: Some trends are a flash in the pan, but I believe in investing in products that stand the test of time. A deep dive into the Banana Republic brand reveals they have been developing stellar scents for almost 30 years.

The top Banana Republic colognes are still just as popular today, a testament to their quality and timelessness.

Reviews: I did some research into reviews and discovered something interesting. According to Inc., only 1 in 10 happy customers will leave a review, whereas a dissatisfied customer is incredibly likely to write one. This makes for an unbalanced and unreliable playing field.

So, when researching reviews of Banana Republic colognes, I read between the lines. The result is overwhelming; not even the naysayers can outnumber the fans of Banana Republic men’s cologne.

Why Trust Us?

Mal is a grooming and fragrance writer for FashionBeans. He does the legwork tracking down, trying, and testing dozens of the best colognes for men, so you don’t have to.

From Bond No.9 and Creed to Ferragamo, Versace, and beyond, he’s no rookie when it comes to the world of fine fragrances. On the flip side, Mal is also a champion of must-haves under $50 fragrances.

Collecting the best-smelling colognes is an expensive pastime, so being told that you smell great is one of the most flattering compliments a guy can get, especially when it comes from a potential partner. But it’s even nicer when you find a cologne that women love without maxing out your credit card.

The BR brand targets the late 20s to mid-40s age group. For this review, Mal took to TikTok and read reams of Reddit and Amazon feedback. Although there are more than 48 scent options to choose from, he sniffed and sampled each one in his quest to seek out the top Banana Republic colognes.

Mal’s final take on Banana Republic men’s colognes is that the brand produces standout scents. Although often underrated, Banana Republic hits other lifestyle brands clear out of the perfume park.

Final Verdict

The best Banana Republic colognes are the unsung heroes of the men’s fragrance world. Versatile, crowd-pleasing, and a steal at less than 50 dollars, there’s a Banana Republic men’s cologne for every occasion.

My pick of the bunch is Banana Republic Modern Man, which blends a bevy of shower-fresh notes for a feel-good frag that’s guaranteed to earn you compliments.


    • Banana Republic makes crowd-pleasing, affable, and affordable colognes. The top Banana Republic colognes are feel-good fragrances that deserve a place in your aromatic arsenal.

      • Most colognes in the Banana Republic scent stable last around 3-4 hours. So, they perform well after a gym session, as an office workhorse, and on casual occasions. Lack of longevity isn’t an issue for me because their reasonable price tag means I can afford to be heavy on the spray.


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