6 Best Synthetic Shaving Brushes For Men – Top Lather in 2024


No matter how cutting edge electric razors become, traditional grooming tools like shaving brushes are still in favor. As vintage favorites fall back in vogue, shaving in the classic way has become an art form and a hobbyist’s dream. But many shaving brushes are different than they used to be.

Today, the best synthetic shaving brushes are sought after for a number of reasons.

Compared to their real boar or badger hair counterparts, synthetic shaving brushes are more ethical. They utilize synthetic fibers to create softness and backbone without harming any animals in the process. Because of this, they are also cheaper. This is great for both beginners and pros.

But even if you’re down to shave using a straight or safety razor instead of an electric option, you might be wondering, why a shaving brush? Is it really necessary? The answer is: without a doubt, yes.

Why Should I Use a Synthetic Shaving Brush?

The reasons men are drawn to shaving brushes extend beyond pure pleasure. Shaving brushes are beneficial for the shaver and for several reasons. First, they are the best way to prep facial hairs before a shave. Unlike dabbing on cream, which flattens the hair, shave brushes soften and lift each strand in preparation for a shave.

Secondly, a brush brings extra moisture to the foam as you mix it in the bowl. This will give you a better, creamier lather. Finally, a shaving brush scrubs at the skin for minor exfoliation that smoothes the skin’s surface. This will help with the entire shaving process.

Now that I have you convinced, let’s take a look at the 6 best synthetic shaving brushes on the market today.

Key Takeaways 

To find the best men’s synthetic shaving brushes, I opened up the most frequented shaving blogs and pored through photos, Amazon reviews, and even my partner’s bathroom cabinet. I was able to whittle it down to the 6 finalists you see on this list.

Overall, the best synthetic shaving brush is Simpson Trafalgar because the knot is soft yet durable and adequately dense to produce a beautiful lather. It’s surprisingly excellent budget pick that just might replace your badger brush is Jequil & Corneveo Luxury Synthetic Shaving Brush.

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Top of the best synthetic shaving brushes: Simpson Trafalgar Synthetic Shaving Brush

Why it’s great: Some of the best synthetic shaving brushes come from heritage brands with a rich history, and Simpson is no exception. Although they offer real badger, they make excellent simulations with incredible softness while still possessing a good backbone.

The hand-tied knot is filled with extra dense synthetic hair that produces an effortless lather while holding in a lot of water. It dries fast, it’s easy to maintain, and it also happens to come with stylish branding. It’s a pleasure to display on your bathroom countertop.

Who is this for? Although I think it’s good for any guy who wants a solid name brand at a decent price, I also feel like this synthetic shaving brush is great for beginners. It’s soft, it’s easy to load, requires no break-in, and is as easy to maintain as a boar or a badger.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This brush is soft; so if you prefer something rather stiff, it might not be the brush for you.

Handle: Imitation ivory | Height/Knot: 42mm/23mm, 44mm/24mm, 50mm/26mm | Recommended razor to use: Straight razor

Jequil & Corneveo Luxury Synthetic Shaving Brush

Why it’s great: Time and again, this Je&Co brush pops up on synthetic shaving brush forums. It’s an easy-budget brush with a shockingly low price that is likely to replace your expensive badger one. It comes with a slightly longer handle and a smaller diameter that makes it easy to wield.

I like it because it’s durable, has a good backbone for a nice, gentle exfoliation, and it doesn’t easily lose bristles. It doesn’t flatten out as quickly as other synthetic brushes but does splay out beautifully when lathering the face.

Who is this for? This is truly for anyone, but especially those just getting into the world of using a shaving brush. It would also make a great back up or travel brush. 

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some reviewers have complained that the bristles feel too soft.

Handle: Resin | Height/Knot: 125mm/24mm | Recommended razor to use: Straight razor

Muhle Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush

Why it’s great: Crafted in the nature of real silvertip badger hair, this sleek and beautiful synthetic shaving brush is well-engineered to retain large amounts of water to produce a dense, creamy lather. I like that the handle is a little different from the rest; it’s longer for easier maneuvering, and it’s made from aluminum, which is pretty rare and wonderful.

It’s incredibly light yet sturdy; and though it’s free from curves, customers seem to love the hand feel. Ultimately, it’s a great little tool defined by a stable middle, soft silvertip hairs, and excellent backbone firmness.

Who is this for? Because the head unscrews, it’s perfect for easy disassembling, so you can slip it into a travel kit – great for the dude who is often on the go.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some reviewers found the price to be rather high for a synthetic shaving brush, but we are in the luxury category after all.

Handle: Aluminum | Height/Knot: 127mm/21mm | Recommended razor to use: Straight razor

Omega HI-Brush Synthetic Shaving Brush

Why it’s great: Yet another top player in the shaving brush game, Omega is an Italian brand with high-quality brushes. The Hi-brush is a favorite among men. The tightly packed polyester hairs boast a better performance in holding and releasing the right quantity of soap, creating a better foam than hog or badger. A bold–yet true—statement.

And the brush lasts longer than natural fibers, even though they’re colored to look real, thanks to treated tips. Lightweight with good backbone, expect an excellent lather.

Who is this for? Perfect for those who like a light brush in the hand. The knot is pretty thick, so it’s ideal if you prefer to cover larger areas of the face quickly.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although I happen to like the light feel of this synthetic shaving brush, some reviewers think it feels a little cheap and plasticky.

Handle: Plastic | Height/Knot: 115mm/26mm | Recommended razor to use: Straight razor

RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush

Why it’s great: This humble little synthetic shaving brush packs in the value. For starters, I love the resin handle, from its looks to the nice weight it provides in the hand. The bristles are super soft yet densely packed for seriously good water retention and whipped-up lather.

It has all the shining features of the best shaving brush with badger hair, yet performs far beyond its price point.

Who is this for? Because it’s slightly stiff, this is an excellent brush for guys who want a close badger hair clone. It’s also great for exfoliating if you’re prone to ingrown hairs or irritation.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although some reviewers love the weight in the hand, others find it to be slightly heavy or too large, especially for a travel kit.

Handle: Resin | Height/Knot: 120mm/26mm | Recommended razor to use: Straight razor

AP Shave 24mm G5C Premium Synthetic Knot

Why it’s great: AP Shave might not come with 100 years of expertise, but their shaving synthetic shaving brushes are worth their weight in gold. Made of imported Japanese synthetic hair fibers that give you more backbone, the G5C series is the most similar to natural hair.

And even though it’s nice and stiff, the tips are ultra-soft on the face. Even if you don’t choose this knot, you can send them an email, and they will help you find your perfect fit. Handles are sold separately, and some collections contain full brushes.

Who is this for? AP Shave is a great place to start if you’re used to a badger shaving brush because it possesses all of the best features of real hair without the sacrifice.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some people might prefer a complete brush instead of having to choose options on their own.

Handle: Not applicable | Knot: 24mm | Recommended razor to use: Straight razor

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Buying Considerations for The Best Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Knot Size

The knot is the name given to the bundle of hairs on the brush and is measured by the diameter at the base of the knot. Sizes 21mm and 24mm are the most common. A smaller knot size will give you more control; a larger brush will cover larger areas more quickly. Which one you choose comes down to a matter of preference and personal needs.


Backbone is another crucial feature of any synthetic shaving brush. As you might suspect, backbone refers to the brush’s overall ability to withstand pressure before splaying out. A good backbone means you can press it to your face and it won’t collapse.

Backbone is necessary for gentle exfoliation of the face and its ability to properly lift the hairs in preparation for shaving. In short, a men’s synthetic shaving brush needs a good backbone.

Handle Length 

The handle length of the best men’s synthetic shaving brushes comes down to preference. However, a longer handle is going to provide additional leverage because it increases brush speed which, in turn, helps develop a better lather more quickly.

Additionally, if you have large hands, then a small handle might be unwieldy. Smaller handles seem more the norm these days, and they are easier to travel with.

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How We Chose 

There’s no shortage of shaving brushes out there, so how do you find the cream of the crop? For this article, I focused on companies that are known to do good work, solid and consistent customer reviews, and, of course, the price.

Company reputation: Some of the best synthetic shaving brushes are made by companies that have been crafting them for decades. This really helps us determine quality and how customers are treated. Even newer brands utilize excellent customer service to set themselves apart from the rest.

Customer reviews: Between Amazon reviews and top shaving blogs, I found it clear which synthetic shaving brushes are preferred by customers. Do they give a good lather? How is the backbone? All of the proper elements laid out by consumers are considered.

Price: Fortunately, because they don’t use real fur, synthetic shaving brushes are affordable. But does the quality match the price? I try to make sure that each brush does a good job and won’t break the bank at the same time.

Why trust us?

You don’t have to have a beard to know about shaving. Staff writer Rachel Cascella has been heavily researching facial hair and all its glorious creams and accessories for several years now to ensure you’re getting the best in terms of recommendations.

Whether you’re a first-time shaver looking for an electric razor or a bearded fellow looking for the best moisturizer, Rachel’s carefully curated lists and insights offer a reliable starting point.

Her ability to compare, test, and research a wide array of products means you’re getting advice that’s not only fashionable but also functional, meeting the needs of a discerning audience. By leaning on her vast experience and a keen eye for what truly works, Rachel has established herself as a trusted voice in the grooming and fashion space.

Final Verdict

The best synthetic shaving brushes should have soft bristles with a good backbone, and they should fit comfortably in the hand and produce a good lather. My number one synthetic shaving brush is Simpson Trafalgar Synthetic Shaving Brush because the extra-dense hand-tied knot is easy to use and maintain.


    • Synthetic shaving brushes are typically cheaper, softer, and more ethical, but boar and badger shaving brushes usually provide better exfoliation.

      • With proper care and treatment, a synthetic shaving brush should last at least a decade.

        • A synthetic shaving brush should be labeled as such. A synthetic brush will typically have softer bristles.


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