6 “Dated” Jeans Trends Our Editors Are Pausing on in 2024


Remember how prevalent ultra-skinny jeans once were, or how everyone went wild for raw, tassel-hemmed jeans circa 2015? Whilst some jeans styles are considered pretty impenetrable in terms of timelessness, others, well, simply don’t have as long a shelf life. Like anything else in the fashion realm, jeans ebb and flow in popularity, and in some instances, will begin to feel dated once fresher fits are launched or more classic options come back to the fore. Still, I don’t want to be dismissive—something feeling less current than it once did isn’t reason alone to purge it from your wardrobe or replace it with a similar item.

I look at every purchase I make as a commitment, and whilst I understand things might be cool for a while, I try to think about the long game and whether or not I’ll still want to wear said piece in five or 10 years. This in itself guides me to make smarter shopping choices. Taking the conversation back to jeans, there are styles I have in my wardrobe that I don’t wear so much right now but I have decided to hold on to, knowing they’ll fall back into favour at some point. Instead, I’ve found myself gravitating to some of my other pairs of late, thus sparking an idea.


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