6 Must-Have Products for Damaged Hair


When it comes to self-care, I often put my hair routine on the back burner. I’ll gladly partake in a lengthy skincare routine or sit at the salon for two hours getting the perfect top coat on my nails, but extensive hair maintenance is unfortunately where I draw the line. I resort to my signature slicked-back bun and keep my wash-day routine as minimal as it gets. I spent the last 15 years chemically straightening my hair with relaxers, and my hair still has residual damage, so in 2024, I’m committed to making healthy hair a priority.

Kérastase is the brand everyone is raving about (ahem, Sydney Sweeney), and if you’re anything like me, your hair is in desperate need of some extra TLC to repair damage from dye or chemical treatments. The brand’s new Première line is a collection of six products with citric acid and glycine that work to remove calcium buildup while repairing damaged hair. So prepare for your hair to do a complete 180 after using this line of products. If you’ve decided that stronger hair is in, explore this collection below.


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