6 Trends That Look “Cheap”, According to Our Editors


I think it’s safe to say that no one dresses with the intention of looking deliberately “cheap”. Whatever your aesthetic, if you’ve found yourself on Who What Wear, chances are you dress with purpose and think a lot about how your outfits work to convey who you are. Regardless of how much you spend, you want to look your own version of put together and stylish. This is a sentiment you share with our editors, who have spent the majority of their careers sharing the trends they believe will have a positive impact on your outfits, which designer pieces are really worth it, and ways to look expensive without breaking the bank. Today, however, I’ve asked them to be especially candid and to share the trends they think can look a little cheap if not done well.

When you’re an editor, you have to learn to be impartial—you can’t merely showcase pieces you would buy or are interested in. You have to see value beyond that and be able to identify items and trends that might not speak to you, but still have value in the wider fashion conversation. However, I’m affording out editors the opportunity to share the pieces they personally wouldn’t wear now, as well as what they deem to be a more expensive-looking alternative that they prefer. I must stress, however, that these are personal observations and feelings—you don’t have to agree with them and, if you happen to love one of the trends a specific editor doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with that. Chances our, there’s a different editor who’ll be on your side of the argument.