7 Spring Shoe Trends That Will Elevate Your Jeans, Skirts and Dresses


In my household, there are two telltale signs that spring is here. The most obvious is when I haven’t worn jeans for the last 20 days straight: instead I’ve broken the streak with a dress here and a skirt there when it’s been warm enough to do so. The other is when I’ve had my first pedicure of the season—that’s when you know the socks are coming off and my boots are poised to be packed away. With my toes newly primed and painted, my outfits (and my feet) are officially ready for spring. And right now, I’m most looking forward to start wearing all of the spring shoe trends that are cropping up.

Done with wearing my aforementioned boots, I’m ready to embrace spring shoes in all their glory, and this year there are plenty of pretty and chic styles to choose from. While there are shoes types that will always make a comeback at this time of year, I’ve honed my efforts into uncovering the biggest spring shoe trends of 2024 in particular.

Spring Shoe Trends

From fresh fabrications that go beyond leather and suede to new silhouettes and colours, spanning everything from high heels to trainers, below are what I believe to be the 7 most important spring shoe trends I’ve seen. Scroll on to see them.


Influencers wear a selection of spring shoe trends

With the lessened need for hardy shoes, spring is the season where we begin to see more delicate fabrications come to the fore. While you won’t want to wear these in a downpour, there’s no denying that the recent influx of satin shoes on the market is one of the prettiest shoe trends of the year.

Influencers wear a selection of spring shoe trends

From Prada’s cult satin mules to trading in your leather ballet flats for something shiny, there are lots of ways to channel the trend. Below are a few of my favourites.

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Influencers wear a selection of spring shoe trends

I may have my pedi at the ready but spring still has the occasional chill days where having your toes exposed is ill-advised. So, what’s a fashion person to do? Enter the closed-toe mule.

Influencers wear a selection of spring shoe trends

The shoe equivalent to business in the front and party in the back, a closed-toe mule provides your feet protection from the elements to the front, but harbours all of the appeal of a sandal to the back. I wear mine on evenings out when I want to look polished but also not risk frostbite.