77 Best Gifts for Men: What He Actually Wants in 2024


Navigating the labyrinth of the best gifts for men can often feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. It’s a journey through uncharted waters where the compass of common sense spins wildly between the Isle of “What on Earth Does He Need?” and the Peninsula of “Will He Even Use This?”

But fear not, intrepid gift-giver. You’re about to embark on an epic quest to uncover the holy grail of male gifting. Whether you’re shopping for the man who has everything, the guy who says he wants nothing, or the one who’s mysteriously vague about everything, this guide is your secret map to treasure.

And to ensure that I really hit the nail on the head, I spoke to one hundred men who chronicled not only the best gifts they had ever received but also what they actually wanted, too.

Not to mention the endless hours I spent reading comments on Reddit… You’d be surprised at what you can find in the depths of the internet.

So, buckle up and prepare to dazzle him with presents so perfect they’ll have him wondering if you’ve been reading his diary. This is the ultimate list of the best gifts for men.

a set of fish bait and an opinel x foret knife
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Best gifts for men: The 24 Trouser Relaxed Fit

Introducing 24/7 Pants – where comfort shakes hands with style. Versatile, fashionable, and incredibly comfortable, they’re perfect for the man who demands flexibility in his wardrobe. I got a pair for my boyfriend’s last birthday, and they’re truly all he wears.

Opinel Pocket Knife

Whether he’s a weekend warrior or a gourmet guru, this pocket-sized powerhouse transforms every cutting task into a stylish affair. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and practicality for the modern man.

Void PKG01-SI Classic Date Watch

Merging precision engineering with classic aesthetics, this watch is a testament to timeless style and a nod to punctuality. Ideal for the gentleman who appreciates horology, a watch is a meaningful present, great as birthday gifts for men, or to mark a special occasion like an anniversary, promotion, or retirement.

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

A Lego Set: where he can construct dreams, brick by brick. Perfect for the man who’s young at heart but serious about fun.

Out of all the guys who called Legos the best gifts for men (over 20), more than half of them cited this specific model (the price has me gagging), and another quarter talked about Star Wars sets in general. So I guess if you’re going to gift a guy Legos, make sure they’re of the Star Wars variety.

PlayingStation 520-in-1 Retro Games Handheld

Blast him back to the golden age of gaming with a retro gaming console. It’s nostalgia in a box and one of the best gifts for men who still have a soft spot for pixelated adventures and joystick jousts.

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Where sleek design meets superb sound. These headphones are a treat for his ears and his style, perfect for the man who’s always on the move or just chilling to his favorite tunes. They’re like a concert for one – anytime, anywhere – and one of the most luxurious gifts for men.

If you’d rather opt for a more affordable tech gift for men, then second gen AirPods will definitely do the trick for a fraction of the price.

JBL Clip 3

His soundtrack, wherever he goes. Perfect for the man who believes that life deserves a great background score. Waterproof and adventure-ready, they’re perfect for music-filled escapades near and far.

Luca Faloni Cashmere Scarf

Ideal for the man who carries elegance effortlessly, this scarf adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it the quintessential accessory for those brisk days and cool nights. A stylish way to show him he’s worth every cozy, indulgent moment.

Tropicfeel Lift 40L Rollerbag

For the man who travels in style, this carry-on is a dream companion. Its smooth-rolling wheels and ergonomic handle make navigating through airports a breeze, and it even converts to a backpack when rough terrain is on the horizon. Perfect for business trips or weekend escapades, this gift goes places.

FEIERDUN Adjustable Dumbbells

These weights are like the Transformer of the workout world and one of the best gift ideas for men who love a good lift. Perfect for guys who treat their body like a temple but have living space more like a minimalist studio apartment, this set packs a huge punch without taking up much room.

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizza Oven

Bring the joy of homemade pizza to his kitchen with this compact oven. It replicates the high heat of a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, ensuring a perfectly crisp crust and melted toppings every time. Easy to use and quick to heat up, this gift is perfect for impromptu pizza nights or entertaining guests.

MANSCAPED The Lawn Mower

Navigating the grooming jungle? Go for a manscaper. Whether it’s beard-trimming or a below-the-belt touch-up, this trimmer ensures that he’s always looking sharp. One of the best gifts for men who value a polished appearance, this is one you can be sure will get plenty of use.

Apple Air Tags

These little lifesavers are perfect for the man who’s got everything, including a habit of misplacing things.

Best of the Rest

Mini WD40

Small size, massive impact. Perfect for quick fixes and emergency tweaks, this mini marvel is a must-have in every guy’s pocket and one of the best small gifts for men.

CDLP Mid Length Bamboo Socks

Every guy, and I mean every guy, needs socks, which is why they’re ultimately a chart-topper for the best gifts for men. You can get him a massive pack of Nike mid-calves, or opt for the more luxurious version, made from breathable bamboo.


Cologne is one of the most classic gifts for men, but choosing the right one can be a doozy. For an unforgettable signature scent, Creed Aventus is a fan favorite. But for something more budget-friendly and a cologne women love, Diesel Only the Brave is a top choice.


This wallet is like a first-class seat for his cash and cards. A must-have for the gent who likes his accessories as refined as he is. It’s a practical splurge he wouldn’t buy for himself, making it one of the best gifts for men.

Gamewright Forbidden Island

For the man who turns every gathering into a Game of Thrones episode, this board game is a must. It’s a perfect mix of brainy brawls and hearty laughs, an absolute gem for those game nights that turn into legendary tales.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

Ideal for the philosopher, the planner, or the perpetual list-maker, this journal is a treasure. Pair it with fancy pens, and voila. You have a gift that’s both classy and practical, a sanctuary for his brainwaves and doodles.

Scriveiner Luxury Fountain Pen

Let him pen his magnum opus or just the grocery list with an elegant fountain pen. It’s an ode to the bygone era of letter writing, a stylish accessory for the man who’s as sharp with his words as he is with his wardrobe.

Isto Hoodie

Melding street cred with sofa-snuggling comfort, this hoodie is the wardrobe equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Perfect for the man who rocks his style, whether he’s on a Zoom call or zipping through the streets.

UGG Scuff Slipper

These plush slippers redefine indoor footwear. Crafted for the discerning man who values a dash of luxury in his lounge time, these plush pals are a treat for his toes and a break for his soles.

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone

Whether he’s a chef or a blade lover, a sharpening stone is a solid gift for men, especially if you don’t want to pick out a knife yourself. Ideal for the man who keeps his tools as sharp as his mind, it’s a must-have for any man who values precision in his cutlery and his life.

GTHUNDER Digital Night Vision Goggles Binoculars

Gift him the power of nocturnal sight with these night vision goggles. It’s for the man who doesn’t let the setting sun dictate his adventures. A blend of high-tech wizardry and rugged practicality, these goggles are one of the best gifts for men and a window to a whole new world of nighttime escapades.

CDLP Boxer Brief

Coming from most men I talked to, there’s nothing quite like quality underwear. Not the stuff they’d buy themselves, but the premium kind that he’ll actually want to wear. These are the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, a subtle yet significant step-up in his daily routine.

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For the caffeine aficionado, this cold brew pitcher is a dream. It’s like having a barista in his kitchen – minus the small talk. Pair it with some top-notch beans, and you’ve brewed up the perfect gift.

Colsen Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

A Table Top Fireplace that’s as stylish as it is functional, adding a touch of class to his evenings. Ideal for the man who enjoys ambiance with ease. Did someone say s’mores?

Rains Backpack Mini

This everyday backpack redefines urban mobility. Combining minimalist design with maximum utility, it’s the modern man’s mobile base camp, and the leather makes a luxurious gift for Christmas or his birthday.

FocuWay Dash Cam

For the man who likes to have an eye on the road (and his adventures), a dash cam is a perfect co-pilot. Whether he’s a car fanatic or just likes to stay safe, this is one of the best gifts for men who are road warriors.


Dive into the pages of this perfect coffee table book for the modern man. This visually stunning book offers a tour of ways to live better from across the globe.

With high-quality printing and vivid photography, it’s not just a conversation starter but a source of inspiration for the curious and cultured guy. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this book is a gateway to the world’s most treasured secrets, all from the comfort of his living room.

Omaha Steaks Deluxe Gift Package

What’s better than a box of top-grade steaks? It’s like sending Ruth Chris to his doorstep. From filet mignon to ribeye, it’s a meat lover’s fantasy and a perfect excuse for him to fire up the grill.

Tropicfeel NS40 Light Jacket

This is the ultimate companion for any man who doesn’t let rain dampen his adventures. Stylish, waterproof, and breathable, it’s perfect for the urban explorer or the trailblazing hiker. It even packs into one of the pockets to take on the go, making it one of the best gifts for men who like to be prepared for anything.

KITESSENSU Cocktail Shaker Set

Elevate his home bar with a selection of top-shelf cocktail mixers. From classic to exotic, these mixers are a ticket to mixology mastery. A perfect gift for the aspiring bartender or the cocktail connoisseur.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Belmont

These sneakers feature a minimalist design that pairs well with both casual and semi-formal attire. Made with high-quality materials, they offer durability and a comfortable fit, ideal for everyday wear.

Whether he’s running errands or meeting friends, these sneakers are a versatile addition to his wardrobe and one of the best gifts for men of any age.


A heritage baseball cap combines timeless style with everyday practicality. Its durable fabric and adjustable strap ensure a perfect fit, making it prime for casual outings or outdoor activities.

A versatile accessory for any man’s wardrobe and one of the best gifts for men. I’m an especially big fan of the retro colors on this pick.

Closed Springdale Relaxed Jeans

A quality pair of jeans is like a best friend: reliable, comfortable, and hard to find. Perfect for the fashion-savvy man who values comfort as much as style. Once you find the right pair, he won’t want to take them off.

Luca Faloni Cashmere Zip-up

Upgrade his casual wear with a quarter zip sweater. It’s the sweet spot between cozy and classy, perfect for dinner dates or lounging in luxury. A winter wardrobe winner for sure, making it one of the best gifts for men during the chilly season – think Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or chilly anniversaries.

Luca Faloni Leather Weekender

Offering ample space and a sophisticated design, this bag is perfect for short trips, combining functionality with style for his weekend getaways. This leather option is definitely on the pricier side, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, I know tons of guys who adore this waterproof duffel from Rains.

Coffee Masters Around the World

Delight the coffee lover in your life with the “World Roast Collection,” a luxury coffee sampler that offers a taste of the world’s finest blends. This selection is perfect for the coffee snob or caffeine addict, making it one of the best gifts for men who love a good cup of Joe.

Streamlight 88062 ProTac

When speaking to guys about what actually makes for the best gifts for men, a quality flashlight cropped up over and over. More than ten guys mentioned this as a present they’d like to receive.

One that can be used for housework, camping, or digging around the dark basement. One that won’t die after a few uses and that can be reached in an emergency. Simple, but true, this durable flashlight is one of the best gift ideas for men.

Nutta 3 in 1 Set Wooden Games

This is a unique gift for the man who enjoys a mental challenge. This elegant wooden puzzle offers hours of engaging activity, doubling as a sophisticated piece of home decor when completed.

Oliver Cabell Shoe Horn

Think of this long shoehorn as a valet for his feet. They may seem old-fashioned, but this present is a savior for those classy leather shoes. It’s the perfect tool for slipping into derbies without a wrinkle or a grunt. Ideal for the man who values a smooth start to his day and one of the best gifts for older men.

Myrqvist Merino Wool Hat

Made from high-quality merino wool, this beanie is ideal for outdoor activities or daily wear, making it a thoughtful and versatile gift for any man. The merino construction is a step up from classic wool beanies, a luxurious upgrade for the guy who deserves the best.


Ideal for the man who makes a statement without shouting, this chain is the whisper of style in a loud fashion world. Gifting men jewelry can be a challenge, but this piece is low key yet masculine – the perfect daily accessory for the guy in your life offering stealthy swagger.

KANARS Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Whether he’s a whiskey wizard, a cocktail connoisseur, or a mocktail man, these glasses upgrade every gulp into a sophisticated sip. Standout for the guy who enjoys the finer things in life, these glasses are designed for savoring each slug of his favorite beverage.

Is-Tongtu Archery Bow

Aside from a sword (yes, actually), a bow and arrow is the most common answer I received when asking guys what the best gifts for men are. I guess there’s something to be said about practicing (and eventually mastering) an ancient skill.

Just make sure you get your aspiring Robin Hood a target; otherwise, he might aim for household objects.

King C. Gillette Safety Razor

A safety razor provides an unparalleled shaving experience. Combining traditional elegance with modern precision, this razor is perfect for the man who takes pride in a well-groomed appearance, promising a smooth, close shave every time.

Govee Smart Electric Kettle

This kettle has major counter appeal and is one of the best gifts for men who love a warm beverage. Great for coffee and tea, this electric kettle heats up quickly and has a slim spout for the optimal even pour.

My dad has this model, and he’s obsessed with it, especially the smartphone control, so his water is hot by the time he’s out of bed in the morning.

BEZGAR HM181 Remote Control Monster Trucks


I feel like men and power tools are a no-brainer, but if you need some gifting inspiration, consider this a sign. If he doesn’t have power tools yet, get him a small set of the basics. But if he already has a garage workstation set up, then do a bit of covert research into what he’s missing from his collection and what he might enjoy.

MR.GREEN Portable Manicure Sets

A nail care kit isn’t just about grooming; it’s about nailing that first impression. Perfect for the man who knows the devil’s in the details, especially when it comes to a firm handshake, this small gift will help him put his best hand forward.

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Fire up the grill in record time with the “QuickFire Charcoal Starter.” It’s like having a BBQ pit crew in your backyard. Perfect for the grill sergeant who’s always in a burger-flipping frenzy, this starter is the unsung hero of outdoor cookouts.

Thoughtfully Gourmet Global Spice and Hot Sauce Collection

Embark on a fiery flavor adventure with the “Global Heat Hot Sauce Collection.” It’s a round-the-world ticket for his taste buds and ideal for the spice-seeker who thinks ‘mild’ is the most boring four-letter word.

Luca Faloni Calf Leather Belt

This isn’t your average belt; it’s a statement piece for the man who holds his pants high and his standards higher. Great for birthday gifts for men or even as a nice Christmas present, this is a thoughtful and practical piece that’s ideal for the chap who’s all about holding up appearances (and trousers) with panache.


Unleash his inner Skywalker with an actual lightsaber. Perfect for duels at dawn or twilight displays of force, this lightsaber is the ultimate fanboy fantasy. Lightsabers were mentioned in dozens of Reddit threads on the topic of best gifts for men, so it’s only right that one made the cut here. Buy two, and let the backyard battles begin.

Lundi Leather Desk Mat


Transform his desk into a command center with a desk mat that screams ‘executive.’ For the man whose desk is his castle, this leather mat is a supreme throne for his keyboard and mouse. Whether he’s a home-office hero or the corporate crusader, this is among the best gifts for men.


This stylish Stanley tumbler ensures that his favorite brew travels with him, staying piping hot or ice-cold. Ideal for the man whose life moves fast but refuses to let his coffee cool down. It has a retro army style and a 3-position lid for a guy who appreciates practicality.

BEZGAR HM181 Remote Control Monster Trucks

For the Ricky Bobby in your life who never outgrew his love for speed, this remote control car is a fast track to fun.

DJI Mini 3

Elevate his gadget game with a drone that’s more than a flying camera. Perfect for breathtaking aerial shots or just buzzing around for fun, this drone gives him a sky-high view minus the wingsuit.

David Archy Soft Fleece Plush Robe

Soft, plush, and just the right fit for lounging, this bathrobe will make it hard to get dressed in the morning, given the hotel-like comfort. Maybe he’ll even wear it to work (hopefully only to his home office).

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

For the man who finds solace in the wild, this Yeti Cooler is his trusty sidekick for every trip. Yeti’s unmatched durability will serve him well on adventures, whether he’s beach-bumming or trail-blazing.

REXBETI Wood Chisel Set

Help him explore a new hobby with a beginner’s woodworking set. It’s a cool way to blow off steam and pass the time while creating something useful with his bare hands. This is one of the more unique gifts for men who are always carving out time to explore their passions.

NERF Elite v2 Echo

For epic battles or office skirmishes, this Nerf gun is his ticket to a fun-filled break. Adult recess is totally a thing, and what better way to ignite his inner kid than with an old school toy? But a word to the wise: you’d better get two: one for him and one to use to defend yourself.

Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder

Coffee this, coffee that, what can I say? Guys like boiled bean water. If you don’t want to go for a full-blown espresso machine but a mug simply won’t cut it, then a coffee bean grinder says, “I care about your love for a quality cuppa,” without going overboard. Gift it with some beans, if you please.

Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

Support his journey to inner peace or good old-fashioned flexibility with a quality yoga mat. This one is extra plush, so no matter his level, he’ll stay comfortable while flowing through asanas.

Anker Nano Power Bank

This charger is a lifeline for a guy whose phone is already dead. And not only is it a practical gift for him, but it’s also one for you, too – now he won’t be able to claim he has no battery when you try to call.


Stylish, snug, and smart – just like him. The perfect ally against the chill, this particular jacket has a certain Euro je ne sais quoi that will dress up even sweatpants.

Plugable USB 3.0 and USB-C Universal Laptop Docking Station

Sleek, compact, and efficient, it’s the ultimate power throne for all his tech toys. Perfect for the gadget guru who loves a streamlined setup.

SENSARTE Nonstick Frying Pan

Watch him channel his inner chef with a proper chef’s pan. A must-have for the maestro of the kitchen who believes that every meal should be a masterpiece. Whether he’s making Sunday brunch or big juicy steaks, this gift will motivate him to cook up a storm.

Aurélien Nubuck Yacht Loafers

It doesn’t matter if he’s closing deals or opening dance floors, these loafers ensure that he does it in unparalleled style. A distinguished choice for the gentleman who knows that true elegance starts from the ground up.

Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case

This travel-sized humidor is a sanctuary for his cigars on the go. Compact, classy, and climate-controlled, it’s the perfect companion for the connoisseur who treasures a good smoke at the perfect moment.

Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker

This will be his new workout wingman. It’s not just about counting steps or tracking calories; this gift is about optimizing his health regime with style and smarts. For the fitness fanatic who loves to outdo himself.

Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp

This little light will transform his space from mundane to magical. A great gift for the man who knows that ambiance is everything, and who can’t stand the overhead light.

Convenience Kits Men's Travel Kit

If he’s always on the move, then this is a compact solution for his grooming needs on the go. Among the best gifts for the man who wants to look polished, whether he’s in Paris or Peoria.

ProCase Electronic Organizer Case

Perfect for the organized (or aspiring-to-be) man in your life, this tech organizer will keep every cable in place. No more asking where the charger is… hopefully.

Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Homemade tortillas are a press away with this authentic tortilla press. It’s the kitchen sidekick for the man who never misses a Taco Tuesday.

Nintendo Switch

Finally a console that keeps up with his dynamic lifestyle, from long commutes to lazy Sundays. If he’s always craving entertainment, then he won’t be able to put this down, especially if you gift it with a new game.

Under Armour Gloves

These gloves are where warmth and connectivity coexist. A winter essential for the man who wants to stay warm without missing a beat, they’re one of the best cheap gifts for men that are worth a million bucks.

a leather weekender bag by luca faloni
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Buying Considerations for the Best Gifts for Men


Picking the perfect gifts for men is like being a detective on the case of “What’s the Occasion?” Is it his birthday, where aging gracefully is the name of the game? Christmas, where you compete with Santa for the title of ‘Best Gift Giver’? Or maybe it’s just a Tuesday, and you’re feeling generous.

Remember, the right occasion calls for the right kind of gift – no one brings a Nerf gun to a Valentine’s Day date, unless you’re planning a love-struck shootout.


Men often march to the beat of the “I didn’t know I needed this until I had it” drummer. Consider gifts that mix fun with function – like a Swiss Army knife for the urban jungle, or a smartwatch that tells time, weather, and perhaps the meaning of life.

If the gift can make him nod in approval and say, “That’s pretty clever!” then you’ve hit the bullseye.

Personal Interest

Tap into his hobbies like a secret agent decoding his personality. Is he a gadget guru, a culinary conqueror, or perhaps a fitness fanatic? A drone for the sky-gazer, a high-end chef’s pan for the kitchen warrior, or a state-of-the-art fitness tracker for the health hustler.

Remember, the best gifts for men show that you know what makes them tick, or at least what makes them click “add to cart.”

a pair of blue on white low 1 by oliver cabell
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Why Trust Us?

We at FashionBeans know what we like. We also know what others like. We are adept at linking the two, which is where this guide comes in. Everyone likes to receive gifts, and those gifts are all the more richly received when they come from someone who has put a good amount of careful thinking into what makes a great gift.

Know your recipient: study him or her, observe what he or she likes to spend time doing. One big clue could be just listening, for things like, “I wish I had …” Sometimes, it’s that simple. We’ve been there, both as gift-givers and as gift recipients. We know how much fun is on both sides of the equation.

Final Verdict

Whether you’ve found the perfect present or are still pondering, remember: the best gifts for men are like a good joke – they hit the mark and bring a smile. So, go forth and gift with confidence – may your chosen tokens of affection not end up in the back of a closet but rather take center stage in his daily adventures.


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