8 Inspiring Outfit Ideas Featuring Adidas Track Pants and Ballet Flats


a fashion collage featuring three stylish women wearing Adidas track pants

I don’t know about you, but when the cool women on my Insta feed start wearing a new trend, I take notice. Such has been the case over the past two seasons or so. I began to see what is guaranteed to be deemed a controversial combination: Adidas track pants and ballet flats. It took a minute, but the unlikely mix has grown on me—as has the variety of fashion-forward ways stylish women across the globe have been styling the duo.

Track pants themselves have had a major resurgence, and we know that ballet flats are more popular than ever, so getting the look is super easy. Not to mention, it’s simple to pull off with the help of a variety of on-trend tops like polished vests as well as sweaters and outerwear. Keep scrolling to see how eight inspiring women from Paris to NYC (hello, Chloë Sevigny!) style their own Adidas track pants and ballet flats.

1. Track Pants + Waistcoat + Flats

French style influencer Anne Laure Mais poses on a Paris sidewalk in a tan vest, Adidas track pants, and mesh ballet flats

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2. Track Pants + Leather Jacket + Flats

style influencer stands next to a car posing with a brown leather jacket, white tee, Adidas track pants, and Margiela ballet flats

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3. Track Pants + Linen Top + Flats

New York fashion influencer Laura Reilly stands in a long denim vest, black Adidas pants, and black flats

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4. Track Pants + Shirt + Flats

French style influencer sits on a bench outside of a Parisian cafe in a striped blue button-down shirt, Dior bag, Adidas track pants, and Chanel cap-toe ballet flats

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5. Track Pants + Vest + Flats

Dutch style influencer Stephanie Broek walking on the sidewalk wearing a black tank top, black Adidas track pants with yellow stripes, and black Margiela ballet flats

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6. Track Pants + Polo Shirt + Flats

actress Chloe Sevigny is spotted walking on the streets of NYC in a black T-shirt, Adidas track pants with light blue stripes, and Margiela ballerina heels

(Image credit: The Image Direct)

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7. Track Pants + Suede Coat + Flats

Parisian fashion influencer Anne Laure Mais takes a photo with her cellphone while wearing a long camel suede trench coat, Adidas track pants, and Chanel cap-toe ballet flats.

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8. Track Pants + Black Jacket + Flats

fashion influencer Camille Charriere poses on the street in an all-black outfit with a scarf, coat, Adidas track pants, and white Miu Miu ballet flats

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