Australia’s Best Property Agent Gavin Rubinstein Tours Underground ‘Fallout’ Shelter In Sydney


As Australia’s most prolific celebrity property agent, Gavin Rubinstein knows a thing or two about finding a hidden gem… even when the latest luxe listing might be situated a mile underground.

Starting in the game with the reputable Ray White Group, Gavin Rubinstein broke away to launch his own luxury listing company in 2019, and few property agents come close to the astounding profile of one of Sydney’s finest.

Since then, the Australian property mogul has gone from strength to strength, with an enviable reach across his social media following in addition to a starring role in Amazon Prime Video’s Luxe Listings. It’s no surprise then, to see that Rubinstein was the first to tease Sydney’s only Fallout shelter, located directly beneath one of the city’s most well-known districts – albeit not usually known for its exclusive residential portfolio.

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Walking through Sydney’s Martin Place, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the city’s hottest new underground shelter located directly beneath the heritage-listed GPO building and litany of high-end boutiques.

But as we headed down the steps, we were surprised to discover an exclusive new activation to celebrate the launch of Amazon Prime Video’s latest hit series Fallout, with celebrity realtor Gavin Rubinstein leading us to his latest property offering.

“Welcome home. This is the future of living in Australia.”

Gavin Rubinstein

The futuristic (and fictional) Vault 33 has all the must-have amenities for the end of the world, including a deluxe private bedroom, dining area and outdoor space for reclining during some free time. It even comes with a fully equipped classroom and teacher.

The hardened subterranean lifestyle is built underground, leveraging the abundance of abandoned Sydney tunnels and underground floors that already exist in the geologically stable foundations of Australia.

WATCH Gavin Rubinstein walks us through Sydney’s latest Fallout shelter below.

Fans of the show (me included) will already know the premise of the celebrated Bethesda video game series of the same name, but for those among us who spend more time touching the grass, Fallout follows the story of a vault-dweller who emerges from their underground sanctuary to experience a post-apocalyptic world, and its many dangers, for the first time.

The adaptation of the Fallout series is an unapologetic riot; it’s an expected gory mess that could only exist on Prime Video’s channel. Netflix is too safe; Disney’s too chummy. Prime Video, whose recent titles include The Boys and Road House, is the perfect vehicle for a deliciously violent and satirical series of this nature… and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

With the news that Fallout has just been renewed for another series, we’re keen to see the mayhem continue.


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