Coachella 2024: Best Celebrity Looks & Outfits — See Photos


The time has come: Coachella 2024 has officially kicked off, which can only mean one thing: Great celebrity outfits. And, yes, okay…the live music isn’t bad either. Since the festival returned from its COVID-19-induced hiatus, we have seen celebrities go all out with their outfits both in 2022 and 2023, so, of course, 2024 wouldn’t be an exception.

Festival dressing has us all in a chokehold, and that includes celebs. Last year, BLACKPINK, Rosalía, Zendaya, and more made their way to Indio, California, for two weekends full of music. With headliners like Lana del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, and Doja Cat, as well as performers ranging from ATEEZ and LE SSERAFIM to Reneé Rapp and Sabrina Carpenter, fashion is not going to take a backseat this year.

Whether you are tuning in from the comfort of your home or making your way to California to enjoy the show live, chances are you’ll miss an outfit or two in the sea of Coachella content dominating out FYPs for the next two weekends — so this is where we come.

Below, we are going to be rounding up the Coachella 2024 celebrity looks you can’t miss, starting with weekend one. Ready, set, scroll, to enjoy some of the many Coachella 2024 celebrity outfits.


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