Coachella 2024: Live updates from Day 2 of the festival


The 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is underway at the Empire Polo Club in Indio.

On Friday, we saw Lana Del Rey ride in and out of her headlining set on a motorcycle and surprise the crowd with Billie Eilish after Peso Pluma brought the party to the main stage.

That was after a day packed full of music from the likes of Chappell Roan, Sabrina Carpenter, L’Impératrice, Deftones and more. And did we mention that Shakira showed up with Bizarrap?

Saturday might be one of the most Southern California-centric lineups in the festival’s history. Beyond headliner Tyler, the Creator, there’s No Doubt, Sublime, Blxst, the Aquabats, Kevin Abstract, Militarie Gun. the Red Pears and Gabe Real, among others.

Follow along with all of the happenings at Coachella on Saturday with The Times’ August Brown, Danielle Dorsey, Vanessa Franko, Nate Jackson and Mikael Wood.

2:40 p.m. It’s Day 2 of Coachella and the weather has mellowed to mid-80s — downright brag-worthy temperatures compared to L.A.‘s current drear. I started my eating journey at Indio Central Market which, pro-tip: is completely covered so it’s automatically 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the grounds, and a nice respite in between sets with plenty of picnic tables, charging outlets, bars, food vendors and the Heineken House stage off to one side.

I started with Tacos 1986, which specializes in Tijuana-style tacos that come swaddled in corn tortillas with a hefty scoop of guacamole on top. They’ve got a plate with three tacos and they typically ask you to choose one protein, but because it’s early and there was no line, they accommodated my request to try three: carne asada, adobada al pastor and mushroom. I’m taking it as a positive omen for the rest of the day. So much so that I capped it off with a frosé from Kim Crawford Wine’s pop-up. Cheers! — Danielle Dorsey

2:45 p.m. Sporting shades and smiles in their air-conditioned artist trailer in Coachella’s artist village, Sublime bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh have the look of two guys who just won the lottery–again–with their band.

Before the newly reformed Sublime take the stage before sunset, the two reflect on what it’s been like picking things up with Jakob Nowell, the son of their fallen friend and former frontman Bradley Nowell, stepping into his fathers sandals to bring their distinct SoCal sound to a generation that never got to see them live. Though they’ve always kept things loose, the airtight rhythm section has no doubt when it comes to finding its swing on the festival world’s biggest stage.

“I mean the timing is incredible,” Gaugh said. “Brad left us when he was 28 and now we have Jakob, who is the same age as his dad. You know, things are coming together so easily. We know our brother [Brad] is up there working some miracles for us.” — Nate Jackson

3:17 p.m. The Sonora Tent remains my favorite stage at Coachella because it feels like an intimate rock club just dropped into the middle of Coachella. There’s a lot of rock on today’s lineup and I started my day o’ guitars in Sonora with L.A.’s Militarie Gun.

“The idea that anyone here knows us is crazy,” singer Ian Shelton said from the stage.

The band packed a lot into the 35-minute-set, with funny stories about trying to get into Norway. They followed the humor up with a touching moment, dedicating “My Friends Are Having a Hard Time,” to Cola Boyy, an Oxnard musician and former Coachella performer who died in March.

Despite the serious moments, there was plenty of energy to go around, culminating in set closer “Do It Faster.” —Vanessa Franko

3:28 p.m. If you noticed the skies were particularly hazy around Coachella today, blame the 30 mph wind gusts from Friday night.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued a windblown dust advisory for the Coachella Valley from Saturday afternoon through Sunday night, with more wind gusts expected. South Coast AQMD recommended people limit their exposure, avoid vigorous physical activity and stay inside with doors and windows closed.

Since that isn’t exactly an option at Coachella, wearing an N95 face mask is suggested for those spending extended time outdoors. From experience, this unfortunately portends a nastier bout of the Coachella cough. Don’t forget a face covering! — V.F.

4:30 p.m. Coachella often feels like an alternate universe where hours can stretch like days and everyday words take on new meaning. Take TKB Deli, an Indio-local, family-run bakery that’s popping up next to Pies and Lows’ shaded pizzeria not far from the Spectra installation. TKB advertises its sandwiches as “giant,” which even before ordering, I thought to be a bold and highly subjective claim. I guess the marketing worked because I ordered the turkey club that comes on a house French roll.

The sandwich is definitely stacked, with layers of sliced turkey, strips of bacon, provolone, thick rounds of tomato and lettuce, plus mayo and mustard. It comes with a side of chips that taste like they’re seasoned with chives or cayenne pepper. Overall, it’s deeply satisfying and a good deal for $20 (in the Coachella universe, we call this a steal), but I still think “giant” is a bit too generous an adjective. – D.D.

4:35 p.m. A partial list of vintage alternative-rock acts — beyond Blur, Sublime and No Doubt — that I wouldn’t have minded seeing at Coachella on this, the day a mid-’90s KROQ playlist came back to life:

That Dog

Matthew Sweet




Cibo Matto


Luscious Jackson — Mikael Wood


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