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While Spain has top destinations like Madrid or Barcelona, those who know know that the coast is the proper place to vacation. My home for the next few days? Finca Cortesin. It is a luxury resort hidden in the province of Málaga. This southern region is part of Andalusia, Spain, an autonomous community rich with its own traditions and culture.

Throughout my stay, I documented everything about this magical place, from the cuisine to the spa that put to shame all that I have visited before. I was unsurprised to discover that this property has been awarded countless times for the superior level of accommodations. If I too had the power to grant awards I would give Finca Cortesin all the flowers. Below, follow my journey and find everything worth knowing about this five-star destination.

An HBO-Worthy Arrival

Although it is not the peak summer season in Europe, I welcomed the much-needed escape from New York’s seemingly never-ending gloom. Two flights and an hour-long car ride later, I finally arrived. The cars circled a fountain lined with Spanish tile and surrounded by blooming flowers—I was immediately transported to the opening scenes of season two of The White Lotus. I did my best to channel my inner Jennifer Coolidge as the staff ushered us new arrivals into the grand entryway.

The fellow guests were a combination of people who were perfectly content roaming around the grounds in their robes and slippers (a commitment to relaxation that I applaud) and those sporty individuals in search of an activity. Luckily, I had three days here to choose my side and explore the property and surrounding areas to find all this destination has to offer.

Balcony Days and Bubble Bath Nights

It took me about 30 seconds to decide I would be one of the robe-donning guests. I eventually found my suite, which I can confidently say was much larger than my New York City apartment. The fabric of the king-size headboard matched the chairs and drapes that concealed my private balcony. It was the perfect outdoor space to enjoy a morning espresso.

Then there was the bathroom. A double-sink vanity is my hotel room vice. But for a girl who dreams of having her own bathtub, I resisted the urge to immediately dive into the tub that took up its own side of the room. Throughout my three-night stay, I took four bubble baths and emerged each time happier than the last.

However, what I loved most about my temporary space is that while, yes, fancy, it still felt homey. It’s almost as if a more chic, European version of myself picked out the finishings.

A Girl’s Gotta Eat

After unpacking, I could no longer fight the urge to sneak away and find what else this place had in store. When I first get to a new hotel, I often try to get lost by roaming around and seeing what I can find. I discovered the property has a spa, three pools (two outdoor and one indoor), a golf course, and three restaurants, in addition to a few bars scattered across the premises. Each restaurant has its own theme: El Jardín De Lutz is traditional Mediterranean, Rei is Japanese, and Don Giovanni is Italian.

While dining on the premises is nothing short of extraordinary, if you have the chance to venture out for meals, don’t skip it. Our group spent one dinner at the hotel, one evening in Estepona, and our last night in Marbella, which felt like the ideal mix. Estepona is just further down the hill from the hotel and has a much more local and chill vibe, while Marbella is for your more upscale evening.

Verdant Views

Finca Cortesin’s location creates a luxurious, all-inclusive feel that makes you never want to leave the grounds— and you don’t ever have to. The property is lush and green, with several gardens and perfectly shaped shrubbery tracing the walkways. Look to your right, and there is a giant mountainscape, while straight ahead, you’ll spot the glisten of the sea. There is a trail that guests can take down to the ocean, where the resort has its own beach club. Unfortunately, my visit came during the off-season so there were no beach trips on my itinerary. I settled for one of the outdoor pools and took in every minute of sun that I could.

A Spa to End All Spas

During my stay, I was lucky enough to have a treatment at the spa in between a few hours of free time. As a beauty editor, I have been fortunate enough to have seen many spas across the world. So please understand that when I say there might not be a more beautiful sight than from the indoor pool at Finca, I mean it. From the giant windows and columns that reflect perfectly across the pool’s surface to the warm and inviting air temperature, it is hard to feel anything but at ease after stepping inside. I claimed a lounge chair alongside some of my fellow editors and surrendered to the space.

Of course, while the pool is a huge attraction, it is not the only amenity available to guests. Saunas, an ice cave, and cold plunge rooms are also available. I, for one, am not brave enough to venture into one of those extreme experiences, so I opted for a deep tissue massage in one of the private treatment rooms instead. The fifty-minute candlelight experience worked out every knot and tension in my muscles and left me feeling relaxed enough to wonder how I could live anywhere else but here.

Village in the Sky

As one of our off-property excursions, our group set off to tour a nearby village called Casares. Here, all of the homes were painted in white. The roads were narrow and steep, often not wide enough for a car to pass. Our tour guide shared that while the village is small, the people here have a blissful way of life in the mountains (can you only imagine if New Yorkers could find this type of peace?). At the peak of Casares is an old castle that dates back to the 13th century. Here, you can see the entirety of the village from above and see just how beautiful it is. On the way home we stopped by Sarmiento for one of the best meals I had on the entire trip. If you are lucky, Chef Miguel will come out to explain each course to you and how it reflects the local Andalusian culture and way of life.

Like all good things, my stay had to come to an end. On my drive back to the airport, I began to make a mental list of all the things I wanted to try to bring back to the hustle and bustle of New York. If a tiny village on the coast of Spain could go an entire lifetime and not feel the same stress I have felt weekly, I could remind myself to think of the big picture. And if not? I’ll always have Finca Cortesin for a much-needed reprieve.


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