Fore! Adam Sandler says ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ is on the way


Almost three decades later, it’s still all in the hips.

Adam Sandler confirmed rumors that a sequel to “Happy Gilmore” is in development, following Christopher McDonald’s accidental leak last month that Sandler had shown him a first draft of the script.

“Dude,” Sandler said, recounting his conversation with McDonald on Wednesday’s “Dan Patrick Show,” “we’ve been talking about a ‘Happy 2’ and we’re working on some stuff… But don’t tell anybody.”

The comedian spilled more info, noting that he’s collaborating with college roommate Tim Herlihy on the project and wants to use it as an opportunity to honor the late Bob Barker, Carl Weathers and Joe Flaherty, in addition to staying true to the original cast. “Netflix is excited about it,” he said.

Of course, a secret like that didn’t stay secret for long.

Drew Barrymore, a longtime Sandler friend and castmate, exclaimed “I want it, I need it,” in reaction to the news on her talk show on Thursday.

Later in the segment, Barrymore checked her phone and then reported to the audience: “This just in, I have breaking news…. I’ll just say this, from my source, that [‘Happy Gilmore 2’] is in process.”

There’s no set timeline yet, but fans of the 1996 original can rest assured: Happy will be picking up a nine iron once again.


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