How to Pack All You Need for a Coachella in One Carry-On


As sun set on the final day of weekend 1 of Coachella, I thought back on the whirlwind weekend I just had. From sweltering heat, and dusty winds, to chilly nights and a mid-festival earthquake – my outfits truly had to withstand nature’s tests while maintaining my style.

As someone who’s all about that carry-on life, I managed to squeeze my entire Coachella weekend into my go-to Rimowa OG Cabin. It’s got deep compartments that hold all my outfits and accessories, no problem. Plus, dividers on each side? Game-changer. From the combination locks, and smooth wheels, to that sleek aluminum exterior that turns heads at the airport– I’m not kidding when I say I can’t travel without it. Usually, I stick to my rule “if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t come,” but I didn’t have to leave a single thing behind, which is very important for the weekend I had ahead of me. With every carefully selected item tucked away, I finally felt ready to conquer the fashion playground that is Coachella.

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Whether it be a billowy dress, the shortest-shorts with a mesh top, onesie pajamas (seriously, they were everywhere) or even just a string bikini and combat boots, everyone knows that Coachella has its own unofficial dress code. It’s essentially spirit weekend and every day is tacky day. Amidst the sea of festival-goers, a few key trends emerged as crowd favorites: white tiered maxi skirts, the infamous boho disc belts, and cowboy boots galore! And while last year, I lived out my wildest outfit combos, this year, I decided to take a minimal approach to combat those long desert days and neon nights.

Dressing appropriately for Coachella is like tiptoeing through a minefield: one wrong choice, and you’re left sweating bullets or shivering. While intricate outfits may steal the show, they also come with a price tag of discomfort. And let’s not forget the chilling reality of desert evenings, that lightweight look quickly fades into goosebumps. It’s a delicate balance, one that many of us learned the hard way, desperately running to the Merch line in search of salvation in the form of hoodies or blankets. This year, however, I made a conscious decision to prioritize practicality without sacrificing style.

Day 1: The hottest day of the weekend, I wore a simple one-piece bodysuit with my Golden Goose Wish Star cowboy boots, and Dezi x Monet McMichael collab sunnies! I went for such a basic ensemble to truly allow the boots have their moment. I love these boots because they’re taller than the average cowboy boot with a permanent vintage-type worn leather look. Super comfortable, stylish, and sturdy.

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Day 2: The day began warm and sunny! I wore my REFY dress belted with a DSquared2 2-in-1 belt. Again, a very simple outfit with a wow factor. The DSquared2 belt really took the dress to new heights. I love the art of style and this outfit made me feel comfortable and edgy at the same time.


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