Huda Beauty #FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector Reviews: Teen Vogue Tries


Huda Kattan rose to fame by sharing makeup tutorials and tricks in her social media videos. Now, she’s teaching us color correction with the Huda Beauty #FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector.

Huda Kattan and Huda Beauty’s newest viral sensation, #FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector, is a prime lesson in color theory. Designed to neutralize areas with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or shadows like the under eye, the peach and pink-toned concealers are meant to give an even base. This product in particular was created with people of all skin tones in mind and comes in a range of shades depending on individual needs, as explained by Kattan herself.

As soon as the product was announced, it understandably went viral on social media. Since we have discovered some great beauty products on social media apps in the past, we wanted to find out if this is worth the hype for ourselves and most importantly, you! We incorporated the Huda Beauty #FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector into our daily routines for the past few weeks to see if it lives up to expectations. Scroll on to hear our candid thoughts on the viral Huda Beauty #FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector.

Aiyana Ishmael, Associate Editor

Teen Vogue editor Aiyana Ishmael trying the Huda Beauty FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector.

Courtesy of Aiyana Ishmael.

I’ve been a Huda Beauty girl for quite some time. I love makeup, but I never really knew which brands that would work for me and be essential parts of my makeup routine. Three years ago, before I nervously packed up everything I owned and moved over 2,000 miles away from Miami to New York City to start at this job, I asked my brother’s girlfriend to take me to Sephora and tell me what to buy, no limitations. While I might have left with a huge dent in my bank account, I was ready to go to NYC and do my makeup like the pros. Funny enough, Huda was one of the brands my sister-in-law picked up. Their pressed powders became a staple in my makeup routines, and always were the perfect finishing touch to give me that melted, flawless look I was always chasing. So, it’s no wonder I was eager to try out their new products.

My mother, when teaching me how to drive, said I was very heavy-handed. I press too quickly on the gas and stop abruptly on the breaks, and I unfortunately tend to do the same with my makeup. So, when I first tried out the color corrector in the shade “blood orange,” I absolutely applied way too much. I am here to say that the beauty girls are correct: a little goes a long way. I was able to make it work, but I was blending for a while and trying to lightly dab on my foundation without smudging the bright red I’d put as my base. But I will say, once I added more products, and added in the powders across my entire face I looked great and I felt like my face wasn’t going to move an inch. I loved both of these products, as I knew I would. Huda is for the girls that get it, and I, of course, get it.

Shauna Beni, Commerce Editor

Teen Vogue editor Shauna BeniHaynes trying the Huda Beauty FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector.

Courtesy of Shauna Beni-Haynes.

Unfortunately, the bags under my eyes are not designer, so I’m always on the lookout for concealers that’ll help brighten and cover my dark circles. I’ve haven’t had to many good experiences using color correctors in the past so I tend to shy away from them, but when I was given the opportunity to try out #FauxFilter color corrector, I knew I had to!

To start, I prepped my face, filled it in, and carved out my eyebrows. Then, I applied the color corrector in “peach.”The peach color was perfect for my skin tone and it immediately brightened up my skin once I blended it in — giving me a beautiful glowy and radiant look! Editor tip: Use the “pink pomelo” shade in combo with “peach” to add extra brightness!

Donya Momenian, Fashion & Beauty Associate Editor

Teen Vogue editor Donya Momenian trying the Huda Beauty FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector.

Courtesy of Donya Momenian.

No matter how much beauty sleep I get, I always struggle with dark under eye circles. There are very few products that give me the coverage I need, so I tend to pack on concealer, hoping for the best but often finding myself looking cakey. However, when I heard about the #FAUXFILTER Under Eye Color Corrector, I was intrigued about the concept of neutralizing for an even base, instead of just covering them. Given that it was designed for people of all skin tones in mind, I was super excited, and I wasn’t let down.


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