I Copied Taylor Swift’s TTPD Street Style & Here’s What Happened


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I Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Main ImageI Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Main Image

Who else is counting down the minutes until the release of Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department?

This week, in honor of the album’s release, I copied Taylor Swift’s most recent 2024 street style outfits.

Read on to see how it went!

About The Tortured Poets Department

The Tortured Poets Department (shortened TTPD) is Taylor Swift’s eleventh studio album. It will be released on April 19th (AKA in a few hours, as of this publishing date).

This new album was announced in true Taylor fashion… while receiving a Grammy for her previous album, Midnights (2022).

We know nothing about the album’s sound since no singles have been released.

What we do know is, Taylor described TTPD as a lifeline album during The Eras Tour. It is rumored to be a mix of reputation (2017) and Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021).

The album’s concept is the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Taylor even created playlists for Apple Music based on this concept, using her previous (self-owned) albums.

And, in keeping with this theme, there are five variations of the album.

TTPD will consist of sixteen songs, two of which feature other artists, plus a bonus track.

Fortnight, the opening track, features Post Malone. The song Florida! is Taylor’s long-awaited collaboration with Florence and the Machine.

Finally, there are four possible bonus tracks: The Manuscript, The Bolter, The Albatross, and The Black Dog. Each album variation is named after one of these tracks and includes just that one bonus song.

Taylor’s TTPD Style

As is her tradition, Taylor’s street style gives little clues as to the aesthetic of her next era.

Now that we know she was entering her ‘Tortured Poet’ era, all her preppy but sultry items from late 2023 and early 2024 start to make sense.

In contrast to the Midnights 70s glam and boho theme, TTPD has toned down the color palette with lots of neutrals, especially white, navy blue, and shades of brown.

Taylor has worn a ton of preppy items before, but unlike her Red-hipster take and 1989’s 50s aesthetic, her TTPD clothing seems a lot more casual.

During this era, Taylor has worn a lot of oversized blazers, loose-fitting shirts and jackets, maxi-length coats, and dresses. Think The Row, which has become her go-to brand for basics.

All this is combined with sexy items like corset tops, mesh and cutouts in strategic places, and mini-skirts, especially if they are pleated.

And, best believe she’s still bejeweled. Glitter, rhinestones, and jewelry are regularly featured in her recent looks.

Taylor Swift’s TTPD Street Style Outfits Guide

Outfit 1: Monday, Laid-back at the Studio

We’ve been seeing pictures of Taylor going to the studio throughout The Eras Tour, and we now know that she was recording TTPD.

Most of her recent looks for recording follow the same formula: simple, comfortable, low-key.

I chose to copy this navy blue and black studio look first.

I Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #1: Black tank top, blue cargo pants, black platform Chelsea Boots, baseball capI Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #1: Black tank top, blue cargo pants, black platform Chelsea Boots, baseball cap

For my version of this outfit, I started with a similar base: a black cotton tank top and navy-blue cargo pants. I borrowed both from my sister.

Then, I added black platform Chelsea boots for some edge.

Finally, I accessorized with a black and red baseball cap. Taylor’s is beige, but I had this black one on hand, and I thought the red accent tied into *other* outfits she’s been wearing lately.

At first, I thought I wouldn’t like this look. It is not my style, to say the least.

But, after putting it on and going through my day with it, I actually like it a lot.

It is so comfortable, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down (which I do), but it is put-together enough that you can go out in it and not look like you just rolled out of bed.

And I love the pants! So much! I will either get a pair or keep stealing my sister’s.

Outfit 2: Tuesday, Preppy Neutral

For the past year, Taylor has been rocking cool preppy items at night, giving us all a lesson on wearing polished pieces. Especially blazers and loafers.

For my Tuesday movie night look, I chose Taylor’s navy and white take on neutrals.

I Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #2: white cotton dress, navy blue blaser, brown booties, brown tightsI Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #2: white cotton dress, navy blue blaser, brown booties, brown tights

To create this outfit, I started with a white cotton dress. It is a bit busier in details than Taylor’s, but it has an A-line skirt like hers, plus the right color and length.

Then, I threw on a vintage navy blue blazer. The blazer is my mom’s, but it hasn’t returned to her closet for several months now. It has the perfect length and fit for this look.

For tights, I went with a pair of sheer brown ones.

Now, the shoes are where I let you down. I don’t have a pair of loafer heels, so instead, I went with a pair of brown lace-up booties to use the same color palette.

The verdict? I can’t get enough of how cute this outfit is!

It is simple and comfortable, perfect for the A/C inside a movie theater. The dress and the blazer are the perfect length to work together. With the tights and layers, it wasn’t the *best* look for a warm spring day, but I got away with it.

My only regret now is that I don’t have the right pair of shoes, which I’ve been looking for since last year. I just haven’t found the right pair for me.

Outfit 3: Wednesday, Preppy Date Night

As I mentioned above, Taylor loves her mini-skirts and loafers. It seems that every two out of three street-style outfits, she’s wearing a mini-skirt.

I have to say, I’m loving this, especially for Spring/Summer.

One of her latest is this blue and beige ensemble, which I copied next:

I Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #3: Sky blue sweater, pleated brown skirt, cognac loafers, brown bag, sunglassesI Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #3: Sky blue sweater, pleated brown skirt, cognac loafers, brown bag, sunglasses

First, I wore a sky-blue sweater. I borrowed it from my sister. The sweater is a little cropped, but it works in my favor for this look.

Then, I went with this brown, pleated mini-skirt. You might remember I got this one for my last Taylor Swift post. Taylor’s skirt is just beige, but I already had this one, and I thought it worked.

For shoes, I wore cognac loafers, which kind of matched the brown on hers. For accessories, I chose a cognac crossbody purse and black sunglasses.

This is a confusing look but a cute one.

It’s confusing because the sweater is more for Fall, and the mini-skirt is really not. But they look cute together, and I love wearing blue and brown in general.

One less-ideal note: This skirt is really short, and it isn’t very comfortable to wear when you’re sitting down to work all day. I spent a lot of time readjusting it and trying to keep it from riding up. This is a standing-up skirt, through and through.

If I wore this again, I would add a white or beige shirt and tie the sweater around my shoulders. But I’m thankful Taylor inspired me to try new looks with this combo.

Outfit 4: Thursday, Karma is the Guy on the Chiefs

Oh, how things have changed in just a couple of months.

Back in October, we knew Taylor was going out with Travis, so we started to get invested. And then, she had us all watching the Super Bowl for the actual game and rooting for the Chiefs.

The moment I saw Taylor’s Super Bowl look, I knew I had to include it in my next Taylor post.

I Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #4: Black corset top, black bejeweled jeans, black sock booties, red jacketI Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #4: Black corset top, black bejeweled jeans, black sock booties, red jacket

Getting this look together was easier than I thought.

First, I wore a black corset top with a pair of black mom jeans with cutouts and rhinestones. Then, I added a red velvet oversized jacket.

For shoes, I put on a pair of sleek, black sock booties.

For this one, accessories and hair are really important. So, I did my hair in a ponytail and added tiny braids.

For accessories, I used my gold rings, gold diamond necklace, and a pair of ladybug earrings to tie in the red. The earrings were courtesy of my boyfriend as an anniversary gift.

Is this my favorite look? Yes, by a mile.

I think it looks amazing, it’s surprisingly comfortable, and I love how hot I look. It’s an amazing date night outfit.

Bonus points: I sourced all the items from local stores. This means they’re all Mexican brands or stores, except the booties, which I’ve had for years.

For the jeans, I found a store that makes personalized items, some of them bejeweled denim. So, I ordered my jeans from them in my exact size and specifications.

The jacket is from a Mexican vintage and second-hand shop.

The corset was the last item I got. It is from a small boutique that’s not in my city, but they sent it in just days, and it’s so comfortable.

Outfit 5: Friday, The Tortured Poets Department

We got to the last day. For this one, I wanted to emulate the album itself, namely the variations, the color palette, and the overall look and feel.

I created the following outfit based on the different colors Taylor used for the variants and the photos in them.

I Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #5: Black tank top, white shirt, charcoal jeans, black loafersI Dressed Like Taylor Swift for a Week TTPD Outfit #5: Black tank top, white shirt, charcoal jeans, black loafers

First, I created a base from black (The Black Dog) and charcoal (The Albatross). I wore a black tank top and a pair of charcoal loose fit jeans.

Then, I threw on an oversized white shirt, which brings in both a color variant (The Manuscript) and a direct reference to The Albatross’ photoshoot.

For shoes, I followed Taylor’s lead and went with a pair of black chunky loafers. Finally, I kept my gold jewelry on to reference The Bolter variant.

Out of all the outfits, I would say this is both the trendiest and the most wearable for most people. And I really love it! It is also the only one I have re-worn since.

It is comfortable, it is literally made up of basic neutral items, and it’s perfect to go from Winter to Spring. I wore it all day to work from home and then had a chill date night with my boyfriend.

Final Thoughts

Taylor Swift’s street style is a great mix of high-street and high-end.

In any given outfit, she’s probably wearing some things you can find at any mall, right up next to her exclusive designer pieces. And she makes it look effortless.

She also wears a lot of indie brands for jewelry, clothing, and bags. So, if you’re looking for new brands or exciting new designers, Taylor is the right celebrity to keep your eye on.

I must confess, she influences my style a lot, and I’ve bought some *exact* items of hers. Like the green velvet dress she wore back in January.

(Fun fact: I got it and was planning to wear it for this post. It hasn’t arrived yet. I will include it in a future post, though. It’s a promise!)

However, just because Taylor wears high-street or indie brands doesn’t mean everything is affordable for everyone. Her style is still on the expensive side.

Please be smart with your money, and don’t get discouraged if someone says that something Taylor is wearing is available online. Because obtainable isn’t the same as affordable!

Thankfully, a lot of what she wears is a bit simpler to find a good version of somewhere else, or you probably have something in your closet.

Finally, I’m beyond excited for TTPD! The theme is so heartbreaking yet encouraging, the track list is exciting, and I can’t wait to see how this album changes or affects the tour.

If it does, I might have to get tickets for a third time!

Rest assured, I will be back with a deep dive into the album (and fashion guide) after the release. So, be on the lookout 😉.

What Do You Think of Taylor Swift’s TTPD style?

P.S. For my past Taylor Swift posts, see my other guides:

Would you wear any of the outfits? What’s your favorite Taylor look? What’s your favorite era? Are you excited for the new album? Which song are you the most excited about?

Let us know in the comments below!


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