London Spring Shoe Trends 2024: Seven Styles To Know About For the New Season


If we don’t make eye contact when passing on the pavement, don’t take offence—I’m likely scoping out your shoes. Trust be told, I’m *obsessed* with footwear. My shoe racks have essentially become avalanches of heels, boots and trainers, and after running my own shoe brand, it’s nearly second nature for me to notice what’s on your feet before anything else. And as an American who lives in London, let me just confirm that the capital is overdelivering when it comes to shoe trends for spring.


(Image credit: Future)

This spring Londoners are looking for a pair of shoes that feel ‘just right.’ As Goldilocks keenly sought after the perfect happy medium of all the things in her life, we seem to be doing the same with our footwear. After witnessing extremes in trends (see: chunky soles vs. flat soles, and extremely pointed toes vs. blunt squared-off edges), we’re beginning to carve out a space for the median, like mid-sole trainers and toe shapes that mix two silhouettes together. Style and functionality needn’t be segregated from one another, and this season it’s all about opting for a chic yet practical style that will work for all kinds of weather.