Men’s Short Haircuts With Curly Hair and How To Choose


Curly hair is a gift for guys, though hard to make look good. Here are the best men’s short haircuts with curly hair and how to get them.

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If you’re one of the lucky few with curly hair, you know it can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. I’ve put together the different types of haircuts to help you rock your genetic gift.

Curly hair is different from other types of hair. Its unique appearance can make you look like a model if styled right, but it’s also hard to tame.

But armed with the right cuts, you’ll stand out and look better than ever. That’s what this guide is for — to give you a comprehensive guide on men’s short haircuts with curly hair.

Some prefer to just shave it all off to avoid the hassle, but they’re missing out. Having curls can give you one of the most versatile looks around.

Its natural volume can help you appear extra stylish, sometimes even without the need for styling products. However, because of the curly shape, natural oil can struggle to make its way down the whole hair strand, which could lead to drying out.

Cool Haircutting Tips for Men With Short Curly Hair

You’re wondering about the kind of curly hairstyle that suits you best, and the easy way is to let your barber decide. But if you want to level up your styling game and do it yourself, then consider these handy tips:

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  1. Identify your curl type so you’ll know which cut will match you best. According to Manly Curls, curly hair has five types based on pattern and repetition length.
  1. Clippers are great options to achieve a neat look along the sides and at the back of your head. Make sure to use the right guard so you’ll get your desired length.
  1. Use shears to trim the top and make minor adjustments so you won’t shave off too much. Doing so will help you maintain your natural hair texture.
  2. Avoid knots by brushing your curly locks regularly, and apply hair products that reduce frizz and roughness.
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Keep these tricks in mind, especially if you plan to cut your hair regularly. It’s better to do it right than to incur long-term damage. Now it’s time to move on to the various haircuts that are perfect for men with short, curly hair.

The Best Short Haircuts for Men With Curly Hair

There are plenty of options available when it comes to giving your natural curls a stylish cut. Only a handful, however, can actually turn you into a handsome debonair that will turn heads wherever you go. Here are some of them.

Faded Sides and Slicked-Back Top

Fades and slicked-back haircuts don’t have to be exclusively for men with straight hair. In fact, this looks equally good — if not better — for men with medium curls.

Faded haircuts can bring out the best in your locks as they let you keep the natural appearance and feel.

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It’s also easy to maintain. You just have to closely shave the sides and back while keeping the length on top.

Finish it off by brushing it backward, giving your hair more depth, volume, and texture.

Additionally, you can apply pomade and blow dry it so it’ll stay in place throughout the day. You can also apply highlights or create detailed designs if you’re feeling bold enough.

That’s actually another great aspect of this particular style. You can play around with it, so you’ll have the option to look fresh every few months.

If you’re the kind of man who wants to stand out, then try this haircut out.

The Classic Tight-and-Curly Haircut

If your idea of an attractive hairstyle is neat and tidy, then you’ll like the classic tight curly cut. It’s a convenient style that’s great for all seasons and various wardrobe combinations.

Nailing it requires you to find the balance between texture and length, so your face type plays a major role. You don’t want it too short, as it’ll make your facial features appear larger than they are.

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Perfect for men with short curls, it allows their natural form to shine completely.

Now, this does require a bit of upkeep, as letting it grow too long won’t work in your favor. A regular snip off the top usually does the trick; just remember to manage the sides as well.

The Low-Maintenance Short Afro

Men with small, tight curls often go for the short afro, and for good reason. It’s a minimalist and popular hairdo that doesn’t require much care.

It’s one of the many hairstyles that makes it easy to get rid of broken ends. It’s also more adaptable and less prone to damage compared (oil can naturally travel to the tips) to other cuts.

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To get a more advanced look, match your trim with an appropriate fade. It’s better to sport a crop cut with the sides gradually getting shorter.

To maintain it, simply clean it regularly with a shampoo and conditioner, ensuring that it stays nice and shiny. Then, finish it off by drying it with a towel.

If you want to give off a more refined impression, you can hold down those unruly curls by applying pomade. Try not to add too much, though; the size of a dime will do just fine.

Going overboard with hair care products may damage it since it’s short enough for the chemicals to reach your scalp. Apart from a nice appearance, the point of the short afro is to keep the need for hair products to a minimum.

The Taper

Tapered curls have been a popular trend for years and it’s still preferred by young men with curly hair. It lets you display a clean, polished image paired with your hair’s natural texture.

Before going into the cut itself, you need to understand the difference between a taper and a fade.

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A taper is when your hair gradually changes lengths, but a fade is when your hair changes lengths but closer to the skin. A fade is just a shorter taper.

Now, back to the haircut. Get a taper, and make sure your top is short enough to hold the look you’re gunning for. Manage the length, as you don’t want it to get entangled and frizzy.

Once you get the trim done, apply a styling spray or a gel and scrunch it with your fingers. Define the curls however you want and lightly blow dry them before heading out.

The Contemporary Quiff

If there’s ever a curly haircut that defines modernity, then that’s the textured quiff. It blends your natural curls with the trendy appeal of a quiff.

To get excellent results, have your sides and back buzzed short — technically an undercut. Keep your top long, but not so much that it looks like a half-baked mohawk.

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Keep it at a length where it’ll be easy to brush it upwards and give it a good snip whenever necessary. Once you’re done clipping all loose curls, you can use a wide-tooth comb to part the sides.

Blow dry it from your roots to the end to enhance its volume. Then you can then apply a styling gel to lift the front of your hair into a quiff.

If you’re worried about the hold breaking, you can use a hairspray to keep it together. It requires more upkeep than the other cuts on this list, but the payoff is more than worth it.

The Curly Fringe

Challenging the sophistication of all other curly haircuts is none other than the fringe. Men can make a bold statement by completely flaunting their coils through eye-catching bangs.

However, it will require research on your part, particularly the bangs that complement your curl pattern and face shape.

Loose RingletsLoose Ringlets

When experimenting, make sure that the hair’s long enough to make adjustments when necessary. You can cut it to match your preferred image — whether it’s the long, side-swept look or the short, textured option.

Try getting a classic taper fade or a clean undercut so people focus more on your hard-earned bangs. Whichever choice you make, going out with a fringe definitely adds a unique personality to your overall look.


Here are answers to common questions about short hairstyles for men with curly locks: 

What Is the Best Short Haircut for Guys With Curly Hair?

The curly undercut is the best short haircut for men with curly hair. Its short sides and longer top allow the curls to grab people’s attention while still keeping the appearance neat and tidy.

It’s also the baseline for other variations of curly haircuts. Most men have the sideburns and back shaved, tapered, or clipped while leaving enough room for the top to flourish.

Is Short Curly Hair Attractive on Guys?

Short, curly hair can bring out the masculine features of a man more than long, straight hair. Most short haircuts offer a more polished, sophisticated look compared to the more casual appearance of a relaxed hairdo.

Perfecting Short Curly Haircuts

Being born with curls adds a youthful and playful image to any guy’s personality. Its natural bounce can make the hairstyle seem more dynamic and interesting.

On the other hand, mastering men’s short haircuts with curly hair can be quite challenging. Most gents who struggle with frizz often have the wrong cut for their texture.

If done properly, however, then you’ll definitely become more attractive than ever. The key is to work with the type you have and not fight against it.

Pay extra attention to its growth, and treat yourself to a trim every three to six weeks. Long, unruly, and tangled curls can pose more problems than just bad appearance.

If possible, ask your barber to dampen your hair before they cut it so it becomes heavier, straighter, and easier to control. Always avoid cutting in layers, as it might turn into an unkempt afro when it grows.

It’s preferable to cut it evenly, with the sides trimmed a bit more than those on the top.

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