Miley Cyrus Has Long Dark Brown Hair Again and We Have Deja Vu


When we met Miley Cyrus as a young child star on the set of Hannah Montana, she had long, brunette hair. (At least she did when she wasn’t undercover as the titular pop star, who was a blonde.) However, as Cyrus’s fame grew and she moved on from Hannah, she experimented with tons of different colors and cuts, including her iconic blonde pixie circa the Bangerz era and the half-and-half light and dark blend she wore throughout 2023. However, it appears that Cyrus is going back to her roots, because she certainly looks like a full-on brunette in her latest photo.

We had a feeling Cyrus might be going back to brunette (or brunette-ish), as she’s been brunette-adjacent for much of this year, including the caramel shade she wore to the Grammys. The recent pic confirms our suspicions, as Cyrus’s hair is almost exactly the same color and length as it was when she was a young star. (See it for yourself here.)

In our modern culture, it’s impossible for a star to change their hair without fans wondering if it’s a sign of a new era. Could Cyrus be hinting at a new musical direction, or did she just feel like changing things up? The star never sticks to one look for long, so going back to brunette wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in the world. What is surprising is how simple the color is; from the pic, it doesn’t look like she has any chunky highlights, platinum panels, or anything in between. But if we know anything about the “Flowers” singer, it’s that she’s always got something in the works, so we’ll be keeping a very close eye on her in the coming weeks. Is it too much to ask for a Hannah Montana covers album as Miley Cyrus, not Hannah or Miley Stewart?


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