Orlando Bloom Spotted In New York Wearing Sublime $3,000 Bomber Jacket From Celine


Orlando Bloom, the perpetual heartthrob with a penchant for the theatrical, was caught in the act—not of filming a blockbuster or walking the red carpet, but rather, walking his cocker spaniel on the bustling Soho streets of New York City on April 16th. Yet, even this everyday act couldn’t escape our eyes, thanks to his “on-point” bomber jacket.

Clad in a sleek Celine blue petrol nylon bomber jacket—the price tag a cool $3,000—Orlando turned a simple dog walk into a runway event. The orange-lined jacket, glossy and refined, played effortlessly against the casual backdrop of faded grey jeans, white t-shirt and crisp white sneakers.


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Adding to the vibe, Orlando sported a gold pendant necklace, alongside a matching gold bracelet that peeked out beneath his jacket’s cuff. The look is complimented with a pair of dark plastic framed sunglasses, to keep the sun and paparazzi at bay.

While the absence of one of Orlando’s signature expensive Swiss watches left a question mark.

The more Orlando ages the better the man gets. From his watch collection to simple taste in everyday menswear.

The good news is his Celine nylon bomber jacket is available to buy right now.


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