Reviewed by Editors: Filterbaby’s Bathroom Faucet Filter


Emma Horeau

You may have heard rumblings about the effect hard water can have on your skin by now. Shower filters are gaining popularity (with the research to back them), and I’ve hopped on the train. Not to be dramatic, but putting a filter on my shower changed my life. My hair became softer! My body breakouts disappeared! I was so amazed (and slightly horrified by Los Angeles’s water supply) that I decided to go on a quest for a bathroom faucet filter. I figured if a shower filter produced those kinds of results, the possibilities for a bathroom faucet filter were endless.

Luckily, brands like Filterbaby offer them. I decided to talk to an expert on the effects hard water can have on the skin and try one of the brand’s filters for myself to review. If you’re curious to learn about why you should throw a filter on your bathroom sink (truly, yikes) and my thoughts on it, keep reading below.

What is Filterbaby?

Sasha Mei wearing a white blazer and resting her hand on her face

While there are plenty of shower filters on the market, Filterbaby is one of the only companies that created a filter specifically for the water in your bathroom sink. I got a filter for my shower about a year ago and never looked back, so I was intrigued to see if putting a filter on my bathroom sink would produce similar results.