The 5 Best Spring 2024 Trends To Shop Second Hand


There’s a saying in the fashion world that everything old is new again, and that feels especially appropriate this season. So many of the top trends dominating the runways and my Instagram feed at the moment seem to be rooted in vintage or throwback-inspired looks. Which makes it the perfect time to embrace the sustainable and stylish world of second hand shopping.

Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned pro, beginning the fashion hunt in the world of pre-loved can be daunting. Which is why I’ve called in the expert: Antonia Johnstone, founder of London’s original and leading pre-owned luxury store, Sign of the Times.

@camillecharriere in a vintage shop

As the founder of shop that is a treasure trove of vintage delights, Antonia is an absolute pro at finding second-hand gems. “When I was at university in Bath, there was a tiny store at the end of my road that sold second-hand high street pieces. This was amazing as it meant I could afford brands such as Topshop and Warehouse which, on a student budget, were expensive,” Antonia says. “That sparked the idea of me starting Sign of the Times. I think it was the thrill of the find and sourcing amazing pieces that I could otherwise not afford.”

Whatever you’re shopping for, Antonia has a few tricks and tips for securing the best finds. First, do you due diligence. “If you are buying from a marketplace, make sure there are multiple positive reviews because often when people list a product without any reviews, it can be for a fake item,” Antonia says. “You want to buy from a reputable source, and somewhere that if you feel it isn’t authentic, you can get your money back.”

@chanelmckinsie wearing a vintage outfit

Second, while online sellers offer a world of opportunities, in-person may still be your best bet. “Where possible go to pre-loved brands that have a store, so you can see the pieces in front of you and assess the quality,” Antonia says. If you do go for the in-person experience, Antonia recommends putting in the effort to get to know the teams so that they become your best ally—”With Sign of the Times, the styling team will help pick out pieces for you, style you and hold products for you, so it makes the in-store second hand shopping experience very much like new.”


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