The Best ’90s Updo Hairstyles to Recreate This Spring


When it comes to beauty, no era is better than the ’90s. The hair, the makeup, the nails…everything was executed to perfection, and nothing was ever too much. These days we’ve adopted a much more pared-back aesthetic, but this summer I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and give my favourite ’90s hairstyles a go. If there’s one hairstyle that this era did better than any other, it’s an updo.

Cameron Diaz '90s updo

(Image credit: Getty Images Ron Galella / Contributor)

All of our favourite ’90s stars from Cameron Diaz to Jennifer Anniston and Halle Berry could be seen rocking some seriously cool updos back in the day, and much like many ’90s fashion trends, these hairstyles are having a serious revival. From this season’s runways to celebrity red carpets, I’ve been seeing everyone opt for these chic, old-Hollywood inspired looks. Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite ’90s updos that I am desperate to recreate this spring, along with some tips and tricks on how to get the look. Just keep on scrolling…

1. ’90s Tendrils

Jennifer Aniston '90s hairstyle

(Image credit: Getty Images Jim Spellman / Contributor)

First up is ’90s tendrils. Jennifer Aniston could often be seen sporting this chic updo back in the day, and the elegant style has remained a classic over the years. Simply secure your hair into a bun and then using your fingers or a comb, pull out one or two strands to fall loosely around your face. The trick is to make this look as effortless and natural as possible.

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2. Chignon Bun

Jennifer Lopez '90s hairstyle

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If you want something really elegant, you can’t go wrong with a chignon bun. J-Lo looked so chic with this hairstyle back in the ’90s, and it’s perfect for any special occasions you may have this summer. To keep that classic chignon style, you want to secure your bun slightly lower than your usual top knot. Start with a low ponytail and then wrap the hair round before securing in place with a hair tie or pin.

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3. Wispy Fringe

Halle Berry '90s hairstyle

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Fringes are back this year, and they look great with an updo. Halle Berry sported this style back in the ’90s, and I just know everyone will be recreating this look come spring and summer. To get that wispy finish, try using some small rollers in your fringe and setting in place with some texture spray.

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4. Loose Curls

Gwyneth Paltrow '90s hairstyle

(Image credit: Getty Images Evan Agostini / Contributor)

How stunning is Gwyneth’s curly updo from back in the ’90s? I am desperate to recreate this look, especially when I figured out how easy it was. Simply throw your hair up into a messy bun and pull out some longer strands to style. A small curling tong will help achieve these loose waves.

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5. Low Bun

Sarah Jessica Parker '90s hairstyle

(Image credit: Getty Images Mitchell Gerber / Contributor)

Similar to a chignon, the ’90s was all about low-maintenance, low bun hairstyles. Not only do these styles look super chic, but they are a lot easier to achieve and don’t feel as tight to wear compared to a slicked-back top knot.