The Biggest Perfume Trends of 2024, According To Experts


If you’ve landed on this story, I’m taking a guess that you love fragrance as much as I do. Each year, we see a number of different perfume trends take off. Last year, we saw the rise of expensive-smelling perfumes, and TikTok has only accelerated the beauty trend cycle, having helped perfume lovers discover the most complimented perfumes on the Internet, as well as discover their signature scent. In tandem with this, we’re seeing perfume houses become more and more innovative with their ingredients that promise a longer-wearing perfumes. Meanwhile, societal shifts mean we’re welcoming in sweeter scents that we wore in Y2K and turning to wellbeing perfumes that not only smell great, but help boost our mood and wellbeing with every spritz.

So, what does 2024 have in store for fragrance? To find out, I spoke to perfume experts, perfumers and fellow fragrance lovers to share the perfume trends that they think will shape 2024. Scroll ahead for the best perfumes you’ll want to try next and spolier alert—you’re about to smell really, really good with their recommendations.

1. Citrus 2.0

Long lasting citrus perfumes are set to be a big perfume trend in 2024

(Image credit: Who What Wear UK, Stocksy)

Citrus perfumes can be fleeting. Thankfully, 2024’s citrus launches have some serious longevity. “A trend I’m seeing is the rise of long-lasting citrus perfumes at an elite level,” says fragrance journalist and presenter, Alice du Parq. “In the past, citrus scents have suffered from what I call the ‘butterfly effect’: pretty for a few moments, then they flutter away. It’s really hard to get staying-power and punchy presence from citrus fruit extracts (for instance orange, clementine, grapefruit, pomelo, bergamot, yuzu and mandarin), as they’re naturally volatile and their molecular structure is small, and so they diffuse off the skin faster than heavier base notes,” she says. “Today, luxury fragrance houses are investing in a higher percentage of these oils to add more longevity on the skin, and using clever blending tricks with biotec synthetics to elongate their brightness and freshness for hours.”