These Are The 11 Best Dewy Foundations Money Can Buy, According to a Beauty Editor


Blame it on Hailey Bieber, the clean girl movement or our cultural obsession with skincare, but our preoccupation with dewy, glowing, plump skin isn’t going anywhere. In fact, if the rate at which brands are dropping dew-rich products is anything to go by, we might just be getting started. And, while there is a glut of make-up and skincare products that can help imbue your face and body with dewy goodness, I prefer things that do multiple things at once. Like, a dewy foundation, for example.

Not only do they help to conceal the uneven skin tone dotted around my cheeks and forehead, along with my forever-friend, hyperpigmentation, but–and this is crucial–it doesn’t flatten my complexion in the process. Oh, no. Because dewy foundations are designed to affect the type of healthy post-facial glow we covet, they don’t take all the dimension out of the face in the process.

best dewy foundations

As for how to best apply it, celebrity make-up artist Florrie White has a few, brilliant pointers.