This Trend Is Up 80% in Popularity This Month


As both a lifelong tennis player and a fashion editor, I feel I have the authority to say this: Yes, you can wear tennis clothes even when you have zero intention of playing the sport. You certainly don’t have to be the next Serena Williams to participate in the tennis craze that’s gripping the fashion industry right now.

Just how popular is it, you may ask? Well, according to Madé Lapuerta of Data, But Make It Fashion, tennis style has increased 80% in popularity this month. “I ran a sentiment analysis on hundreds of online posts referencing tennis style and compared average popularity levels one month ago versus today,” Lapuerta wrote on Instagram. If that’s not convincing enough, H&M also just released a tennis collection complete with technical fabrics designed to wick away moisture. Scroll down to shop H&M’s new arrivals and enjoy wearing them even if there’s no court in sight.