Travis Kelce pal calls Taylor Swift dissers ‘bitter losers’


Upset that Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce? Annoyed ‘cause No. 87 is dating the Queen of the number 13? Lil Dicky says that makes you a “bitter loser.”

That’s what surfaced when Jason Kelce quizzed the comic rapper, real name Dave Burd, on what he thought about his brother Travis Kelce’s well-established romance with America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift.

“I just think there’s something that makes everyone feel like it’s, the world is kind of like high school, where your most popular pop star, like, beloved musician, somehow met, like, your most popular beloved athlete, and they actually fell in love and it’s just real,” Lil Dicky said this week on the Kelce brothers’ “New Heights” podcast.

“I dunno, I think anyone who hates on [the Swift-Kelce love match] is a bitter loser.”

Dannnnnng, Lil Dicky. Preach it.

“But,” he continued, “I think a lot of people who would maybe expect to hate on it actually love it and acknowledge they love it because it’s just so — there’s just something so American about it or something. … There’s something just classic about it.”

Then again, Lil Dicky is the guy who explained himself to an L.A. Times writer in pre-COVID 2020 as a “really bizarre juxtaposition of an unreasonable amount of self-confidence, to the point where it’s like borderline irrational, combined with a ton of self-deprecating neuroses and just stress.” So, he could be wrong?

And if he is wrong, well, maybe people shouldn’t take his suggestion to Jason Kelce that “Sway Freestyle” would be an excellent starting point for any Swifties who might seek a little Lil Dicky understanding. Maybe start instead with “Ex-Boyfriend,” a Lil Dicky song with a title that could have launched a thousand T-Swift tunes! And Jason Kelce LOVES that idea!

Though, actually, that one’s a little graphic, so, um, maybe not.

It makes much more sense to stick with “Sway Freestyle,” where the most graphic lyrics are about — well, the most graphic lyrics are about former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Annnnnd we’re stopping with the writing. Right now.

Before No. 44 calls in the refs.


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