What the Jupiter-Uranus Alignment Means for Your Zodiac Sign


Make a wish! The planets of expansion, Jupiter, and disruption, Uranus, are united in the enriching sign of Taurus to unleash new cycles of creativity, innovation, and rebellion across the collective. The exact connection happens early on Sunday, April 21st, but the changes it represents have been brewing throughout April, for the past 11 months since Jupiter first entered Taurus, and even since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018. This is a culmination moment filled with some of the most powerful astrology of the year, and if you want to take advantage of it, then you’re in luck, because I’ve outlined how to tap into the cosmic magic, based on your rising sign, below.

Why a Jupiter-Uranus Alignment Is So Extraordinary

Throughout history, when these two heavenly bodies have come together, we’ve been immersed in groundbreaking eras filled with technological innovations, cultural milestones, and liberation across virtually every field of human experience. Jupiter and Uranus last met up in Aries in 2010–2011, which coincided with the dawn of our modern age of the iPhone, connecting us globally and unlocking answers to nearly every question at the touch of our fingertips. Before then, in 1969, we had a monumental example of the remarkable possibilities this conjunction can deliver when in the same year there was the first human lunar landing, the epic Woodstock festival, and the actual birth of the Internet.

More recently, since Jupiter has been slowly making its way towards Uranus in Taurus these past 11 months, we’ve experienced radical breakthroughs across tech, medicine, culture, and more. For example, the Age of AI is officially here with generative tools like ChatGPT terraforming the landscapes of work and education. Movies like Oppenheimer and Dune 2 are revolutionizing what’s possible with storytelling in cinema. We even have the Apple Vision Pro now which, as the first 3D camera, brings spatial reality to life. When it comes to eras characterized by quantum leaps, Jupiter and Uranus are almost always at the heart of it.

Make Magic with the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

This alignment is rare enough to define a generation but it is also improving our lives on a personal level. The house that Taurus occupies in your chart is the place where unexpected epiphanies and broader horizons are unfolding. Even if things aren’t “changing overnight,” you can still expect to gain a clearer understanding of exactly what it is that will help manifest the future you’re dreaming up. Look for opportunities to say yes to things you might not normally. This is a time to embrace your inner improv artist by saying, “yes, and.” Anything is possible under the influence of this cosmic energy, especially when you wholly believe in yourself, explore pleasure as a portal to your big-picture plans, and dare to defy the beliefs, habits, and fears that block the elevation you crave.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction Horoscopes by Rising Sign


B*tch better have your money! In your 2nd House of Personal Resources, this alignment offers the potential for windfalls of income and a renewed sense of self-worth, especially at work and in relationships. When you put your money where your mouth is, especially in order to overcome any perceived shortcomings, you’ll find your gold at the end of the rainbow.


“It’s the pleasure principle, oh oh oh” – icon, fellow Taurus, Janet Jackson. When it comes to attracting harmony, love, and beautiful things, you’ve got the Midas touch. This alignment lights up your 1st House of the Self, bringing a revitalized vision of yourself into focus. Whether it’s a loving relationship, thriving career, or stable home, anything you desire is possible right now, as long as you let your “freak flag” fly. PS. Mark your calendar for May 23rd, your luckiest day of the year for love and money!


The golden-brick road to your best life is being laid right now while this alignment promotes a healthier relationship with your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As the tectonic plates of your unconscious shift, take the time to pay extra attention to your dreams and intuition. Powerful epiphanies and developments, especially in matters of love and self-worth, are making themselves known.


Category is: stars, statements, and legends. In your 11th House of Blessings, this alignment is bringing your progressive vision of the future to light. People are eager to celebrate and support you right now so don’t be shy to lean on your network and put yourself out there. Keep your eyes and ears peeled around May 8th too, when the New Moon in Taurus plants powerful seeds for inspired connections.


Savor the sweet taste of success. After putting in months, or likely years, of hard work it’s time to have your cake and eat it too. While this alignment happens in your 10th House of Career, you have the power of the spotlight at your disposal. The projects, opportunities, and reputation you cultivate now have the staying power to last for decades to come, so be intentional with who and what you choose to give your precious attention to. Mark your calendar for May 18th too–luck is on your side.


The secrets of the universe are being whispered in your ear; are you listening? In your 9th House of Higher Knowledge, this alignment is opening your mind and spirit to the endless possibilities of life. Themes related to foreign travel, philosophy, spirituality, and global media open doors to necessary new perspectives. The only limits to what you can do are the ones that you place on yourself. Dare to dream bigger and believe in yourself while you’re filled with fortitude to face the unknown.


Healing comes in the most surprising ways. This alignment activates your 8th House of Shared Resources, offering profound transformations, especially in your most intimate relationships. It’s an auspicious time to invite collaborators into your inner circle as you invest in your life’s aspirations. Changes in your financial situation, deeply-seated behavioral patterns, and intuitive abilities are all coinciding to conspire in your favor. PS. Mark your calendar for May 23rd, your luckiest day of the year for love and money!


Love is in the air! You’ve been steadily attracting important partnerships into your orbit over the past year. While this alignment happens in your 7th House of Relationships, your sense of knowing exactly what you want and need in another becomes crystal clear. Whether it’s a renewed commitment or a fresh start with someone new, what’s certain is that prosperity in matters of the heart will be abundant.


Nobody knows better than you that the whole point is to live fully—to use all the colors in the crayon box, as RuPaul would say. Since this alignment involves your most important planet, Jupiter, and it’s happening in your 6th House of Living, you’re finding that life is much more beautiful when each day is lived in technicolor. Opportunities, especially at work, abound. You’re playing the long game, and you’re destined to win.


Take a chance on a new idea or lover. In your 5th House of Joy, this alignment offers many muses to surprise and delight you. Your creative self-expression is electrified with inspiration, and romance is in the air. The more that you allow your inner child to play freely without judgment or expectation, the more you’ll find that you become a magnet for loving connection.


In your 4th House of Belonging, this alignment helps you to break all of the rules at home and within family. Your foundations may be shaken up but consider this an invitation to live life more adventurously. Your path is an eccentric one, and as a global citizen, you can sail it with your chosen family. What’s most important now in order to water the roots that allow you to accomplish your great visions is to let yourself feel deeply. Don’t hold back from riding the waves of the emotion ocean.


In the words of this year’s best new musical artist and fellow Piscean, Victoria Monét, “It’s your motherf*cking moment!” Your ruler, Jupiter, is activating your 3rd House of Communication, igniting insights and ideas that inspire a new worldview. This is a space of learning, so the best way to make magic happen is to center curiosity above all. Great leaders are rarely geniuses themselves, rather, they often act like sponges to absorb the wisdom of everything and everyone surrounding them.


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