32 New Arrivals From Saks Currently in My Cart


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Everyone has their mindless relaxation habits. Perhaps it’s watching a Real Housewives marathon or making cookies. Mine is scrolling through pages of new arrivals from Saks while I leave reruns of The Office or Veep quietly playing in the background. Yes, it’s technically multitasking, but there’s something soothing about spending a Sunday afternoon forgoing obligations for things that feel indulgent. Bonus points if I also have a bowl of ice cream in hand. As I sift through pages of jeans, tops, heels, and hats, I’m also making a running list of things that I want to own, an exercise that’s relaxing as long as I don’t let myself get discouraged by my actual budget.

IRL, I’ll probably only choose one or two things to purchase in any given month, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t take my time building up my wish list. Since Saks’s inventory ranges from high-end luxury pieces (I was so tempted to include a $14,000 Prada dress but thought better) to more affordable contemporary labels, I can dream as big or as realistically as I want to on any given day. Currently, I have my eye on flouncy party tops, pleated skirts, and bold jewelry, all of which are items particularly well suited to the arrival of warmer weather. I’m ready to let some sun hit my skin. Join me in indulging, and scroll through my picks ahead, preferably while you’re tuned in to your own soothing TV choice.


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