6 Best Axe Body Sprays: Embrace the Leading Edge in 2024


If you believe that body sprays should be relegated to deodorant for teen boys, then pause and check out the 6 best Axe body sprays.

If you’re a Millennial or a Boomer, you may be surprised to discover that Axe body sprays are seeing a revival thanks to a new Gen Z and Y2K fan base.

According to findings from Research Reports World, “Anticipated annual growth in the Body Spray market from 2023 to 2030 is projected to be remarkable.” It’s clear that body spray is here to stay!

Not only do Axe body sprays fight body odor, but their versatile fragrances smell great. Gone are the overpowering scents. Now, you can choose from fresh, modern fragrances with notes like mint, mango, vetiver, vanilla, cedar, and oud.

Launched in the United States in 2002, Axe body spray scents deserve their place amongst the top 10 body sprays for men.

I’ve put the full range of Axe body sprays through their paces so you can skip surfing. Now, it’s time to scroll on and explore my top picks. 

Key Takeaways

I scoured studies, read reviews, and spritzed countless scents to bring you the best of the best. A deodorant and body spray in one, Axe is a no-brainer if you’re looking to give body odor the chop.

The 6 best Axe body sprays harness zinc technology to tackle bodily bacteria while leaving a long-lasting, fresh-smelling scent in their wake. Axe Phoenix isn’t just my overall favorite Axe body spray scent; it’s a bestseller amongst men who love its crisp and clean minty rosemary notes.

But the makers of the famous Axe body sprays are no one-hit-wonders. So, when it comes time to spritz something more sophisticated, reach for my Amazon Best Buy Axe Fine Fragrance Pure Coconut. This natural and woody Axe body spray is enhanced with essential oils.

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Best Axe body sprays: Axe Phoenix Body Spray

Why it’s great: There’s a reason that Axe describes Phoenix as “the most popular Axe deodorant scent of all time.” Long-lasting, crowd-pleasing, and refreshing, Phoenix has all the qualities that a guy would want from any body spray.

An icy blast of crushed mint and invigorating rosemary will keep you feeling fresh all day. Better yet, since the best Axe body sprays use zinc technology, you’re not just masking body odor but addressing it.

Who is this for? Nicknamed “the big daddy of all Axe fragrances,” Phoenix is a universal scent that works well for any occasion. From casual errands to a day in the office, Phoenix is my go-to scent for when I want to embrace that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Phoenix has a shower-gel-type scent. But that’s a bonus for me, since isn’t the whole point of using Axe body sprays to smell clean?

Scent: Crushed Mint & Rosemary | Size: 4 x 4 oz | Free from: Aluminum | Special Feature: Universally appealing 

Axe Apollo Body Spray

Why it’s great: You’ll never guess what famous rapper Lil Baby’s tour riders are. I’ll give you a hint: Axe.

That’s right, the hot hip-hop artist favors this budget-friendly body spray when on the road. So much so that he collaborated with the brand in 2022, releasing a special edition pack featuring his favorite scent, Apollo. Warm yet fresh with notes of sage and cedarwood, this Axe body spray transitions from day to night.

Who is this for? Despite being the Axe body spray of choice for the rich and famous, Apollo offers the best value for guys on a budget. Working out at less than a dollar an ounce, this one gives you no excuse not to smell fire on the fly. I keep a stock of Apollo in my office desk and gym bag.       

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Apollo is one of the most popular Axe body spray scents. It may not feel as unique as some of the other products in the Axe range.

Scent: Sage & Cedarwood | Size: 4 x 4 oz | Free from: Aluminum | Special Feature: Best value 

Axe Fine Fragrance Golden Mango Body Spray

Why it’s great: Sometimes Axe body spray gets a bad rap. I don’t think it’s deserved, but this wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t mention the elephant in the room.

Here to hush the haters is the Fine Fragrance collection, which features Golden Mango, a fruity blend of juicy mango, mandarin, and vetiver. Enhanced with essential oils, this Axe body spray can go head-to-head with the best-smelling deodorants for men.

Who is this for? Luxury and Axe may not be two words that typically go hand in hand, but Golden Mango begs to differ. This citrusy scent is a winner for spring and summertime. Spray on your chest and neck, throw on a crisp, clean tee, and you’re good to go.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is a sunshine-friendly scent; it may not project well in fall and winter weather.

Scent: Mango, Mandarin & Vetiver | Size: 3 x 4 oz | Free from: Aluminum | Special Feature: Fruity, unique scent 

Axe Fine Fragrance Pure Coconut Body Spray

Why it’s great: Boasting double the BO-busting technology of regular Axe body spray, Pure Coconut delivers a sophisticated scent that lasts. Despite its name, Pure Coconut is mild on the coconut; it’s the eucalyptus and oak notes that carry the fragrance.

If you’re the type of guy who finds classic Axe body spray scents overpowering, then this is the one for you.

Who is this for? Pure Coconut is the biggest compliment magnet of all the Axe body spray scents. This is the Axe body spray to wear when you don’t want people to guess you’re wearing Axe body spray, if you know what I mean.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The Fine Fragrance range claims 72 hours of odor protection, although, for me, this translates to 6–7 hours.

Scent: Coconut, Eucalyptus & Oak | Size: 3 x 4 oz | Free from: Aluminum | Special Feature: Premium-feeling scent 

Axe Body Spray Multipack

Why it’s great: If you struggle committing to just one signature scent, then don’t. One of the best things about Axe body spray is the wide range of fragrances and their accessible prices.

Take advantage of both with a multipack of the best Axe body spray scents. From sweet and sexy to light and refreshing, switch up your Axe body spray depending on the occasion.

Who is this for? For the guy who gets bored of wearing the same fragrance every day, this multipack featuring all the best Axe body sprays is ideal. Not only does it offer variety, but also bulk buying is often better value for money, which is ideal for guys balancing a budget.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Unless you really love Axe body spray, 12 full-size bottles may be overkill.

Scent: Mixed | Size: 12 x 5 oz | Free from: Aluminum | Special Feature: Range of scents

Axe Gold Body Spray

Why it’s great: There’s an Axe body spray for every occasion. Gold is a warm, spicy scent blending sweet vanilla with woody oud for a date-night-friendly fragrance.

Fragrantica reviewers agree that Gold stands out from the pack: “This one is very nice… If you wouldn’t know that it’s an Ax, this one could easily come across as a much, much more expensive designer release.”

Who is this for? For me, Gold is the most grownup-smelling Axe body spray scent and one I find myself reaching for often. Creamy vanilla and oud are a combination best reserved for nighttime wear, so save this for your next hot date.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: When sprayed in excess, Axe Gold can feel heavy. Use a light hand to shine for the right reasons.

Scent: Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla | Size: 3 x 5 oz | Free from: Aluminum | Special Feature: Unique, rare scent

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Buying Considerations for The Best Axe Body Sprays


I’m putting my big brother hat on to give you a lesson in hygiene 101. It’s a common misconception that sweat smells. A false fact cleared up by Harvard Health, “Sweat itself doesn’t have a smell. The odor happens when bacteria come into contact with the perspiration.”

With that in mind, there are different ways to battle body odor. First, you can stop sweat in its tracks. Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that plug pores to block sweat.

Next up is deodorant, which is aluminum-free. Deodorant uses zinc oxide to neutralize bacteria that cause BO. Finally, there’s body spray and cologne. These products are a fragrant finishing touch that mask your natural scent.

Where does Axe body spray fit in? Axe is both a body spray and a deodorant. The nicest Axe body spray scents address odor-causing bacteria while leaving an appealing lingering aroma.

Axe body spray should be spritzed across your chest and neck. But whatever you do, don’t use Axe deodorant for your balls. When using Axe body spray, there’s no need to double up with cologne.


Word on the street is that women dislike Axe body spray. I went straight to the source to learn what the fairer sex really thinks of Axe. It turns out that ladies don’t dislike the fragrances themselves but, rather, don’t like their tendency to be over-sprayed.

This Redditor puts it best, “Honestly? I love the smell of [Axe]. Now, when I say that, I mean I like it when it’s not choking me to death. If you’re going to wear Axe, spray it on lightly; don’t wash yourself in it. The scents they use are strong enough to last for a while.”

The other key if you’re trying to impress is to make sure that your scent matches the occasion. During spring and summer, when temperatures rise, opt for a light and fruity scent like Axe Fine Fragrance Golden Mango.

Come nighttime, you can embrace heavier scents with more depth, like Axe Gold Body Spray. When you want to freshen up after a sweaty gym session, reach for Axe Phoenix Body Spray.


There’s an Axe body spray scent for everyone. Although they have a rep for appealing to younger men, some of the top Axe body sprays feature more mature fragrances.

The Fine Fragrance line, which includes Golden Mango and Pure Coconut, incorporates unique notes and an essential oil-enriched formula. When you want to wow on date night, Axe Gold is a sweet and sexy fragrance for men who love vanilla and oud.

If you’re a young guy looking for an Axe body spray scent to enjoy every day, Apollo and Phoenix will be a perfect match. And they do say you’re only as old as you feel. So why not invest in an Axe body spray multipack so you can switch up your scent with your mood?

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How We Chose

The global deodorant market is huge. In 2023, it was $25.16 billion huge to be exact.

This number was revealed by Fortune Business Insights, who make another interesting point: Thanks to global warming and escalating temperatures, we’re sweating more than ever. Therefore, the need to invest in products that help us battle body odor is also on the rise.

But with so much variety, how do you decide which to buy? I followed a strict set of criteria to ditch the deadwood and pick out the 6 best Axe body sprays that deserve your attention.

Research: I hit the proverbial books to determine how Axe body sprays can fit into our grooming routine. The final verdict is that thanks to their bacteria-busting power and long-lasting scents, Axe body sprays fall into the “need” category for guys who prioritize hygiene and smelling great.

Reviews: Amazon, Fragrantica, and Reddit review pages are notoriously brutal, which is what makes them the perfect place to scour for unfiltered feedback from actual buyers. I used the opinions of real men to guide me when choosing these products.

Personal Experience: I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself. That’s why the final step of the vetting process involved putting these Axe body spray scents to the test on my own skin.

Why Trust Us?

Mal is a grooming and fragrance expert and a regular FashionBeans contributor. He researches and recommends the best buys for men, from designer perfumes to pocket-friendly men’s health and beauty products.

Over the years, he’s been a fan of Old Spice, Lume, and many more, as well as countless unscented deodorants. Mal says he always gravitates back to Axe body sprays, though, as they were his OG choice during his college days.

For this review, Mal took to the treadmill to test and trial Axe body sprays to beat body odor. He then got his gym buddies to break into a sweat to get their feedback on whether Axe body sprays can double up as one of the best deodorants for men. The guys spoke, and we listened: Axe body sprays are a post-workout wonder!

Mal will tell you that you can’t take anything as gospel when it comes to the best body sprays and spray deodorants for men. For instance, Axe primarily targets guys between the ages of 15 and 25.

But most people don’t have a clue that the range includes more sophisticated scents, which makes Axe body sprays a great choice for men of all ages. Among them are guys like this Redditor who agrees, “I’m 40, and I still use Axe Phoenix!”

Mal’s expert advice is that no matter your age, if you have a favorite Axe body spray, you should wear it.

Final Verdict

The key to battling BO is not just to mask your natural odor but to nip it in the bud. This is where the 6 best Axe body sprays come in. A body spray and deodorant in one, Axe is a must-have addition to your grooming rotation.

My overall pick, Axe Phoenix, delivers an invigorating burst of crushed mint and rosemary that offers long-lasting freshness for your busiest days.


    • The race for the most popular Axe body spray title is closely run, with the top, tied contenders being Phoenix and Apollo. Phoenix delivers a burst of revitalizing mint and rosemary. Meanwhile, Apollo’s sage and cedarwood scent epitomizes youth and vitality, just like its Greek god namesake.

      • The brand claims that some products in the Axe body spray range bust body odor for up to 72 hours. It does hold its own in the longevity stakes, but most Axe body spray scents linger on my skin for around 4-5 hours. That’s not a downer since Axe body sprays are travel-friendly. You can toss them in your backpack, desk drawer, or locker whenever you need a cheeky top-up.


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