Hailey Bieber Wore the Brightest Fluorescent Nails to Coachella 2024 — See Photos


Hailey Bieber is never one to shy away from wearing bright colors or setting trends. Earlier this year, she deemed yellow to be the color of January. Well, move over, yellow! For Coachella, she wore the brightest fluorescent green nails. Or should we say, Glowchella.

When the sun goes down in the desert, who needs glow sticks when you can have glow-in-the-dark-nails? Bieber posted a series of photos on her Instagram showing off her green glow with a series of emojis and the caption “cute weekend.” In one photo, she is seen wearing a black leather jacket with her rhode lip gloss phone case and her bright green nails. The final photo shows her hand in a black hoodie and her nails glowing in the dark.

Notably, in the rhode beauty founder’s Insta stories, not only do we see her highlighter green nails, but she is also seen applying something to her lips, which looks awfully familiar to the mysterious product she teased during her make-up tutorial for a sunkissed look last month. Could this be part of a future rhode product launch? Watch this space.

Hailey Bieber reapplies a mystery rhode product while wearing green nails for Coachella 2024

Courtesy of Hailey Bieber/Instagram @HaileyBieber

The model’s go-to nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt ,who dropped her subtle French Tips tutorial earlier this year, posted Bieber’s bright glowing green nails with a series of photos of the model and the caption “Coachella weekend” with a green check mark emoji.

Hailey Bieber takes a mirror selfie wearing green nails for Coachella 2024

Courtesy of Hailey Bieber/Instagram @HaileyBieber


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