The 15 Best Travel-Sized Beauty Minis for Your Next Trip


Liv Perez

As a notorious overpacker, I made a deal with myself to travel as lightly as possible, this year. It’s time to embrace the art of minimalism, and that starts with my makeup bag, especially if I’m bringing a carry-on. As a beauty editor, it’s usually what I bring too much of: makeup, haircare, skincare, the works. The beautiful thing about these particular items is that a lot of them come in geniously adorable mini sizes.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply someone who enjoys the convenience of having your essentials like sunscreen and highlighter compact and easily at-hand, packing the right toiletry beauty essentials for your carry-on or bag is essential. With ever-stricter airline regulations and limited space in your luggage, selecting effective yet efficiently-sized products can leave you with more room for your clothing or souvenirs from your journey.


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