Neymar Jr. Casually Gambles With $440,000 Jacob & Co. Tourbillon On Private Jet


A recent video of Neymar Jr. was doing the rounds after the football star was casually betting one of his prized possessions during a game of roulette.

Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. is certainly living the high life after making the switch from French champions Paris Saint-Germain to the emerging riches of the Saudi Pro League in 2023.

With a state-funded football league and lack of financial restriction for professional footballers, the appeal of the SPL is only going to grow as the league progresses, attracting more high-profile talents such as Cristiano Ronaldo to join the ranks.

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The Al-Hilal forward is reportedly earning a guaranteed $300 million USD (~$468 million AUD) for just two seasons with the Saudia Arabian side, in addition to an expected $400 million USD ($625 million AUD) based on the club’s commercial obligations.

Not that Neymar Jr. was desperate for cash after a career playing for two of the biggest clubs in Europe, but the seemingly untapped wealth available to players in the region has proved too good to turn down… and it’s led to Neymar developing a taste for the finer things in life.

WATCH Neymar Jr. casually betting his $440,000 Jacob & Co. Tourbillon below.

In a recent viral video, Neymar Jr. was seen cruising at high altitudes with a make-shift casino set up on his private jet.

On the table, the Al-Hilal man had casually wagered a Jacob & Co. Casino Tourbillon, a highly-sought-after expression that’s been spotted on the wrists of fellow professionals such as Conor McGregor and fetches up to $280,000 USD (~$440,000 AUD)… high stakes indeed.


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