The Best Sunglasses for Men To Keep You Cool in 2024


The best sunglasses for men are fashionable and functional. We rounded up the best shades for style, class, and the activities you’ll do them in.

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If you’re looking for the best sunglasses for men to shield your eyes from those potentially harmful UV rays, this guide will cover the best brands and models for your needs.

The search for the best men’s sunglasses is all about what your primary use case is, how your head is shaped, and what colors or patterns look best with your outfits.

We put together an in-depth guide on choosing the right sunglasses for you, but the main factors are face width, face length, and facial features. Here are a few more things to look for in sunglasses:

  • Quality: They should be made of durable materials
  • Wide range of complimentary styles: A pair of shades should pair well with most outfits, classic styles are best for this
  • Personal style: Do they work well for you? This will depend on the shape of your face.
  • UV protection: You should be looking for polarized lenses to protect your eyes against harmful sun rays
  • Reasonable price: They can’t break the bank (in case you lose them!)

Here are my top picks for each category.

Quick Take

Here are our recommendations from the list:

Budget Pick

Upgrade Pick

Read on for more info and the complete list…

Stylish Sunglasses for Men

These stylish sunglasses for men are the best option for making a statement.

Best Overall: Persol PO3152S

Persol has been making quality sunglasses for over 100 years since its founding in 1917. The brand is all about the tiny details and making timeless designs, Steve McQueen even wore them! (They also have a limited-edition Steve McQueen collection if you want to be like the racing legend.) 

Here’s a review of a pair of Persols. 

The PO3152S has a made-in-Italy frame that comes in several color options, and you can also get engraving or add prescription lenses.

Persol PO3152S

Although priced on the higher end, these are my favorite overall favorite sunglasses for guys — and, they’re made by the brand synonymous with fashionable eyewear.

Best Active: Article One Moon

Article One is a newer eyewear startup (founded by a former collegiate athlete) that’s blending the best of both activewear and design.

The Moon is inspired by 1950s vintage sunglasses, but modified with great-for-movement components like nose tips and temple pads.

Article One Moon

Each pair comes with a case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a two-year warranty.

I really like them. If you’re a guy looking for stylish shades that you can also move around in without fear of them falling off.

Best Unique: Blenders Millenia X2

University of Colorado Boulder football coach Deion Sanders, or “Coach Prime,” popularized these flashy sunglasses from mid-tier brand Blenders.

Blenders Millenia X2

They come in several “loud” colors with polarized lenses and best of all, they have Blenders’ proprietary scratch resistance material.

For a fun pair of glasses under $100, these are a great bet for men looking to stand out a bit.

Cool Men’s Sunglasses

Why would you wear sunglasses if they didn’t make you look cooler? Here are my top cool men’s sunglasses.

Best Performance: ROKA SR-1X

ROKA is known for great performance glasses and the ROKA SR-1X is a hyper-futuristic pair.


They’re fingerprint-proof (great for workouts when you need to see clearly), sweatproof, and have been tested through several activities including running and biking.

ROKA’s patented traction material, GEKO, is included on the nose pad and temple tips — no matter how sweaty you get, these will stand still.

Best for the Beach: Sunski Dipsea

Sunski’s simple Dipsea frames are, as the name suggests, great for days by the water. They have polarized lenses and the frame is made of recycled plastic.

Sunski Dipsea

I absolutely love how simple these are. You really can’t go wrong with them with any outfit, especially with their sub-$100 price.

Sunski also offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, which is always some nice assurance of the quality.

Best Tech: Ray-Ban Meta Headliner

Apple Vision Pro what? Ray-Ban’s smart glasses, made in partnership with Meta (fka Facebook), are feature-packed glasses that have a camera, speakers, and an AI assistant.

Ray-Ban Meta Headliner

You will definitely be the coolest guy at the bar in these.

While the technology is evident in the price, they come in several colors and have an accompanying charging case and app. Prescription lenses are also available if needed.

Classic Men’s Sunglasses

These classic men’s sunglasses are all-time icons.

Best Iconic: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

They’ve been in movies, magazines, and all over metropolitan cities. While they were originally designed for pilots in 1937, the Aviator Classic is one of the most ubiquitous pairs of shades around.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

They feature metal frames and classic black lenses. I love how they have a few different color variations, and you can also customize all the components if you don’t find your perfect combination.

Best Budget: Knockaround Premiums

Knockaround has been making affordable sunglasses for a few years now, and although they’re called “Premiums,” they only cost $35.

Knockaround Premiums

They have a unisex sunglasses style with impact-resistant, polarized lenses and a few great colorways.

Best of all, Knockaround became plastic-neutral in 2022 — for every pound of plastic they use, they remove a pound from the environment.

Most Popular Sunglasses for Men

I rounded up two of the most popular sunglasses for men, check them out for a no-risk look:

Best for Dressy: Oakley Holbrook™ TI

What would a list of sunglasses be without Oakley? The Holbrook™ TIs are subtle glasses with slim temples and a double-bar nose. The frame is made of high-quality titanium — I’d love to rock these with a sharp black suit.

Oakley Holbrook™ TI

The lenses are also made to be able to take a hit, great for uncertain weather conditions.

Expensive, yes, but they’ll pair well with your dressiest outfits on the red carpet.

Best Everyday: Garrett Leight Van Buren II Sun

Garrett Leight is known for their simple, upscale styles. The Van Buren II Sun is the brand’s take on the aviator designer sunglasses that are lightweight and have 100% UV protection.

Garrett Leight Van Buren II Sun

The lenses are made of glass, not plastic, and the stainless steel frame provides a durable fit. If you’re looking for more info on how to pick a frame, we created a guide!

If you’re in need of a pair of sunglasses that you can wear every day, regardless of the weather or your apparel, these are it.

We also put together a few more styles in our piece on the most popular sunglasses styles.

Best Browline: Maui Jim Kawika

One of the men’s best sunglasses brands is the Kawika, a browline design that’s potentially my favorite men’s sunglasses style.

It has a tortoise frame with gold lenses (and other colors if that’s not your preferred style).

Maui Jim Kawika

These just scream paradise. If you want magnification or prescription lenses, Maui Jim also offers those options. Each pair comes with a carrying case and cleaning cloth as well.

Conclusion: The Accessory That Tops It Off

The right pair of sunglasses is one of those small things that any man can do to really up his style game. When done right (stay away from those gas station glasses), they can take you from the average guy to (almost) celebrity status.

From iconic brands like Persol and Ray-Ban to startups like Sunski and Article One, these are some of the best sunglasses to buy. Which type of sunglasses you need will vary by activity, budget, and material, but a good rule of thumb is to pick a pair that you want and are willing to invest in.

However, you’ll want at least one pair that wouldn’t devastate you if you lost. Shades can definitely be easy to misplace.

There’s an option for every price range here, from the budget Knockarounds to the high-end Garrett Leight’s.

Do you have a particular favorite style? Is there a smaller brand that you prefer? Let me know in the comments!


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